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  1. Othell guide for starter 85-106

    I'd start with a cheap crit dmg ring, to pair with the paulina one. After that mostly save for a weapon.
  2. Mentee's are Broken!!

    This just sounds like not knowing how mentees work...
  3. Can't create a character

    Character creation is open for 1 day a week right after maintenance, has been that way for months.
  4. I need tips to my Evis

    Check out this thread - https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18107-budget-build-evis-alt/ His setup is probably ~40b, but a lot of the individual pieces are in your price range. Probably the cheapest start is to get a creation ring, pair that with the Paulina's ring that gives CD. After that weapon is probably the priority, but not sure whether Enh. Shadow is worth it or what other options are good, short of the usual +12 bloody recommendation for people later in the game.
  5. Maestro weapon/gear?

    Thanks for all the advice. I know most tyrr's go light armor for PVE, just making sure it's the same for maestro? The +7/+8 enchant bonuses look better on light, the passives don't look like they'd make a difference for most pve, attack speed is maxed either way, but just making sure I'm not missing something (does the extra pdef of heavy matter?).
  6. Return to game

    With mid to high gear, archer will be the best dps, followed by mage. Maybe for raid bosses titan/evi is as good or better, but for regular grinding melee can't compete with ranged. With low budget gear, evi is pretty good.
  7. Adena Rates

    Fishing is probably the only thing you can do as a newer player to make adena without $. Late game there are some spots where you can still make money, but requires a LOT of gear to get there. Otherwise just do the quests, they'll give you gear to get to 105 or so.
  8. Which character to create?

    Archers are generally the best/fastest farmers in the game, so it's a fine choice. Any of them work, DE is probably a bit better, but just pick what you like. Dagger not nearly as strong - melee in general isn't in a great spot right now it seems. They'll still farm fine, but it will be a fair bit slower to level up.
  9. Maestro weapon/gear?

    Just coming back to the game, saw the latest patch, decided to try a maestro. Is 1H blunt + shield the way to go for pve with the p. crit dmg on the passive, or is something like a slasher still better? Is tyrr damage still about regular crit damage, or are skills strong enough to go for skill crit damage?
  10. +12 Dark Shaper 2sa, want to trade for similar bloody weapon, prefer retri but would take others. Mail me here or ingame on iAnders, thanks
  11. Bots overrun

    They haven't done much about it in 13 or 14 years, though f2p made it massively worse. Once in a while they'll do a ban wave, take out some of them, but it doesn't really make a dent. Either learn to live with it or move on, it's not going to change.
  12. Servitors can be kited for eternity

    Yea, it's been like this on Skelth forever as well, as long as they keep running the pet will never hit. In reality they have to stop to do anything though, so can be used to reduce damage while waiting for cooldowns or to run away, but summoners end up just fine in oly regardless
  13. Field of Massacre- Bug

    It's intended, certain mobs are double xp and no adena/drops. You're welcome to wait for a dev response, but they all live in Korea and don't read our forums.
  14. Of course not... Also didn't you make a giant post quitting a few days ago?
  15. Goblin Tomb Raider Leader (Orc Village)

    Same thread shows up every few days. Been this way for years, no one knows why, but also isn't likely to get fixed anytime soon