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  1. +12 Dark Shaper 2sa, want to trade for similar bloody weapon, prefer retri but would take others. Mail me here or ingame on iAnders, thanks
  2. Bots overrun

    They haven't done much about it in 13 or 14 years, though f2p made it massively worse. Once in a while they'll do a ban wave, take out some of them, but it doesn't really make a dent. Either learn to live with it or move on, it's not going to change.
  3. Servitors can be kited for eternity

    Yea, it's been like this on Skelth forever as well, as long as they keep running the pet will never hit. In reality they have to stop to do anything though, so can be used to reduce damage while waiting for cooldowns or to run away, but summoners end up just fine in oly regardless
  4. Field of Massacre- Bug

    It's intended, certain mobs are double xp and no adena/drops. You're welcome to wait for a dev response, but they all live in Korea and don't read our forums.
  5. Of course not... Also didn't you make a giant post quitting a few days ago?
  6. Goblin Tomb Raider Leader (Orc Village)

    Same thread shows up every few days. Been this way for years, no one knows why, but also isn't likely to get fixed anytime soon
  7. Dyes Question

    Read the sticky, dyes only go +5. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/7821-an-update-on-greater-dyes/
  8. Am looking for someone to craft a crystal staff, or will buy the recipe if needed. Mail me here/in game. Thanks!
  9. Next target doesnt work

    next target is a client side action, so it's nothing about the server. Under options->gameplay towards the bottom is a setting about next target, make sure it's set to monster or target to taunt and not PC. You're using it from the actions screen, not a macro, right? You're able to attack the mobs in melee that next target won't target? My guess is it's the setting under options, but if that doesn't work, should try restarting and doing a repair. It's something about your client that's causing it.
  10. Dyes Question

    per stat, so you can +4 three different stats if you want
  11. Treasure Hunter - light or heavy?

    Crit dmg. reduction might be worthwhile in pvp, for pve it just doesn't matter and even without the passive, you get more pdef in heavy. Low level parties are all aoe, starting at cruma there are a few more melee groups that will take you. No, don't use a pole, mostly solo'd up to that point
  12. Yes. A level 48 summoner nuke is the same power as a lvl 42 mage spell and ~15% less powerful than a 48 mage equivalent. Even by level 60, the summoner nuke is only ~21% less powerful than a true nuker. While it obviously makes a difference, it's certainly reasonable to level as a nuker for quite a while.
  13. Cursed Maingauche vs Mithril Dagger

    Go mithril. Maybe on a raidboss or mobs that take >20s to kill the cmg does better, but for normal hunting the bleed isn't nearly as good as the extra patk.
  14. Treasure Hunter - light or heavy?

    Not sure what's up with the formatting on your post, but... I went heavy. If you're always in groups, plated leather is a fine option at C grade, but heavy will be better defensively, evasion isn't good enough to make up for the lost pdef.
  15. Halloween buff disappear when dying

    Yes, that's what I was saying. If you're dead when it should change from lvl 1->2, or 2->3, it disappears.