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New Server - Official Info ?


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Would it be possible to get official infos of a new server and the GMT time ? Even if we get no one please just give us some infos. Ok you guys are working on reducing the queue but it's still far from good. Waiting hours to play not for me for sure.

I really can't believe a compagny as big as NCSoft can't pay or find a volunteer (maybe give him free vip or whatever) to give us some answers on the forum, it's really not decent.. Dunno guys fire some useless guys or whatever, work something out. Don't need to teach you your job I think but communication is needed and appreciated. I know it's mostly unhappy people on the forum and the happy ones not saying a shit or arguing with unhappy ones but still just having a clear answer would calm many people.

Gludio is still on light and it's GMT -4 so around the overpopulated Talking Island, would be really nice to get another GMT +1 server and everything would be fine don't think we would need any more at the moment. Dunno if that news about Dion GMT-5 is true but don't think that's what needed right now. People just have to move on and start fresh again it's Lineage II hardcore gaming we talking, who is afraid of starting new ? Wouldn't be the first time ;) Also expanding server to more capacity isn't a thing, areas will be overpopulated. Gold sellers have always been a pain in the ass, we know that if nothing is done it's either cause they are overwhelming or because you are getting money out of it or even being part of it. For the fishings I dunno.. make it less valuable or some kind of offline mode. You guys have developpers, don't you ?

I couldn't find any damn Official info of when Giran server was out, I had to figure out from some posts, so I played first on Aden called new server. I realized after Giran wasn't out for long so tryed to get there cause it's much more around my play time but no way, this is more waiting queue time than playing time unless I maintain connected to game.

I'm waiting for a New GMT +1 or around server and gonna get that launch pack if it's ever gonna be unbugged (waited days to get what might be a premade answer from my ticket..) I'm not Free 2 Play but I'm not willing to go on that "shit" Innova subscribe server out for ages with few people on it, I'll leave that to russians ! EU wants NCSoft to shine again not Innova !!! The market is here you have the keys (no idea about what contracts you made but you can always work something around) make some ads and you'll be astonished maybe more than you already are. There are no good MMORPG at the moment, everyone just go back on Wow from time to time when there is a new release and so many people are nostalgic of Lineage II and it's harcore grind & open PvP/PK =)

By the way i have two lvl 25+ characters on Aden and a little Dwarf (I even took vacation for that xD) whatever I'm gonna start fresh if I have the opportunity, else I might just stop Lineage II..

Another thing would be free transfer, regroup these spanish / portuges non english speakers on a server or two. And maybe give extra xp boost to new guys, throught that would be lot (too much? ^^) of work.

Thanks for understanding and hope some staff gonna read that !

PS : Make the NG soulshots cheaper ^^

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@Sica I'm afraid that none of the admins will read this. And even if, they have us deep in the ***, I mean European players. If it were not, they would have already gotten a new server. In addition, in another section of the forum I saw photos of Community Support who do not transfer VIP status to new servers, even though Hime and someone else on Discord promised that they will.



For them, we're just a product for punching their wallet. Today is Friday, so as today they will not add a new server, they will not add it at all.

I follow other forums in other languages and I see how many people have lost their HYPE for further play.

See when they was logged in the last time Hime and Juji on the forum - just enter their profile

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@Obi21 Yeah sadly, but at least I would have tried.

I know it's all about money, but I think they need a better team, they are disappointing and losing people.

Hype and hope are still here but won't be for long if nothing is done.

Going on another game right now if nothing is done I might even ask a refund :/

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