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Making adena with boxes


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One way to make money is to make your own support so you can solo with boxes during down time or times where parties are weak.  Having a 28 shillien oracle alone can make you money, once you have this you can then make money on a low level nuker at AC one hitting all the lower level mobs there for up to 10k adena per buff round.  You can make a spoiler and recharge out of party to ensure every mob get spoil casted on it.  I personally made what I think is the most effective trio and can make about 18k adena per buff round at OB, if I can find an xp spot there as it's popularity is gaining.  Remember with boxes you have to take into account the fresh server as it will help decide the most effective trio at the moment.  A really good trio (1 main 2 boxes) should be able to go just about everywhere a 9 man party can go, and because you will be getting 100% of the adena drops and regular drops you will be rich in no time.  I have made close to 4 mill adena so far and have 1 toon with 1 top D weapon and 1 mid D weapon plus near top jewels.  Another DD with top NG weapon and near top D jewels (is a nuker so Im saving for top D nuker weapon, wtb 900k)  and devotion set.  Cleric is going to stay NG weapon and shitty jewels.  You cant, I repeat CANNOT expect to join 9 man rando's and be rich.

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