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Asia's Clan LF member (Talking Island/English Speaker)


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4 hours ago, Lilianne said:

Currently average level is 25-30
activity top peak at 7-12pm GMT+7 at night also 7-12am GMT+7 morning

Drop me PM ingame if u are interested

got discord and relax people


Where in Asia are you from guys? We have 2 clans as well from Philippines going to lvl 3. If you want you can join us as well. For easy party organization and grinding stuffs.

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On 10/25/2018 at 11:57 AM, Lilianne said:


Hi Lilianne,

How are you guys? You still active? We are recruiting on our CP. Maybe if you guys have one 43+ please let us know. Please see the current lineup below.

Tank - Taken
BD/SWS - Open
Warlord - Taken
SE - Taken
EE - Taken
WC- Open
BP - Taken
Mage 1 - Taken
Mage 2 - Taken

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