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Current PK system helps the proliferation of bots!!


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That's right, the current PK system helps the proliferation of bots !!

This is because in L2, it is very normal when the system allows karma to drop quickly (between 10 to 20 points per creature, nothing so abusive as well), that players take justice into their own hands against those who perform KS or monopolize farming sites , actions that usually in this game are just made by bots!

Another thing that is also important, is that when L2 players detect these bots, we usually bother and also denounce them, which does not always give results, usually if the PK system allows it, we risk killing them, all if we have the collaboration of our party or clan partners.

Therefore, modifying the current PK system and its unfortunate descent of karma (1 to 8 points per bug), not only would make the game more similar to its origins, but also help to stop the proliferation and excessive occupation that Nowadays, bots perform on our servers.


PS: I apologize for my English, this message has been general with Google translator for a better understanding.

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