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Level up 84 to 85


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Hallo guys,i am Newbie Player and I have Sagitarius.
I am 84 lvl and completed all quests in Dragon Valley
Now I have 4 % XP and its giving me too low in DV again. (maybe 0.2%)
So please tell me what to do.
Is There a Good XP FARM ZONE on 84 LVL?
Is There any Good QUESTS that will give me XP?:/

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0.2% per mob is only 500 mobs to lvl up, thats not too bad. You also can go to bloody swampland (gludio->dark elf village->bloody swamps) and ask somebody to power lvl, if you get summoner, titan or evis to help you, you will get your lvl in ~15 mins.

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