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How to disable "Authorized Locations"


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58 minutes ago, Eduens said:

Hello, i have to type the code everytime i try to login.

I need to check mails of every accounts everytime cause of a dynamic ip.

Is there a way to disable this useless feature that is extremely annoying?

TICK the button where it says to save your IP as authorized one so u wont have to set a code unless your IP changes! If your router auto changes its IP at a scheduled time make it so it wont! For example i need to set the code only when i restart my router where the IP has changed (ofc). Another solution is to make your router have a static IP which u need the help of your net provider and i think u need to pay some money, not sure plz ask them, and to truly reply to your request i dont know any option to disable that from NCsoft-launcher-site!

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