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what to do what to do,story of the day


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I farmed on spot with my twink spoiling,another dwarf came to spot and started kill mobs..
I said to him : leave the spot
He answer : give me buffs and ill leave (he saw i had buffer on spot)
I started to hit him,because,you know,why not? :D 
He said : ok wait here.
he runaway to relog,but i still hit him,so he cant relog,he hit me back,die, and say : wait here
Me thinking he will come with main bigger level or smthng like that (but his dwarf looked very poor,so i thought i dont need my main,and loged another bit bigger level twink)
waiting.... waiting 5-10 min,and ...

thats what came to spotJHvPk5g.jpg

some "auto macro pro no speaking no shots" player
i dont even know what to think,i killed them 3-4 times with mob trains,but they still come back,smart ones,you know,die like noobs,stand in town for 5-10min afk(1 is crazy,running back forward back),and come back again... 
end of story "fight for spot"


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some update... that guy must be drinking a strong coffie,i went to sleep they were on spot,and now i came back and what i see.. 

we cant call him a bad name you know,we just will call him a pro player that drink a lot of coffie and runs 24/7 on some "afk auto macro"

server Giran by the way. 

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