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Adena to gear up/ como farmeo adena


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Buenas, llevo poco tiempo en el juego y debo decir que hace mucho no jugaba un servidor low rates, así que mi pregunta es la siguiente, a los más experimentados en este juego. Cómo lo hago para obtener adena para comprar armas y cosas que me ayuden a lvlear mejor? se que hay una quest que me da una armadura D al nivel 25, pero la arma como la consigo? solo debo seguir farmeando adena hasta obtener la suficiente para poder optar a una low D? o hay alguna quest o algo que de arma o algo que me ayude a obtener un arma mejor que una NG?



Hello, I've been in the game for a short time and I have to say that I did not play a server low rates long ago, so my question is the following, to the most experienced in this game. How do I get adena to buy weapons and things that help me to lv up better? I know there is a quest that gives me a D armor at level 25, but the weapon as I get it? I just have to keep on farming until I get enough to qualify for a low D? or is there a quest or something that is a weapon or something that will help me get a better weapon than a NG?

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Newbie quest chain will give you a somewhat decent no grade weapon and armor for a start, you don't have to worry about it. For top NG (if you choose) or D grade you'll have to farm adena or farm mats/key mats to craft it.

Obviously, certain areas/individual monsters/quests are much more profitable (or better adena-to-effort=time-invested ratio) than others, but aside from that it is simple grind. Nothing different from whenever you played (vitality=multiplied rates were added pretty late, Hellbound?/Gracia updates).

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