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Clan ShadowLegion recruiting / prednost Balkanci


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Hello all. We are curently lvl 1 clan, but will be lvl 2 in 1-2 days and will have more place for new players. 

Rules of joining the clan:

- Each player contributes EQUALY for Clan upgrades. Example: for lvl 1 clan we needed 150k so 10 of us shared 15k each. For lvl 2 we need 300k, so 15 players each 20k - done soon. For lvl 3 each player can give as many Proof of Blood as he can. And so on.

- We have clan warehouse, free to store any items you dont need for other members to use. Or just for space if need (say.).

- We are accepting all players willing to grind with us and do raids and other activities. NOTE: No need to be 24/7 no lifer. Just play daily.

Who wanna apply write to BaneShadowstrike.

Kao što sam rekao prednost imaju Balkanci, ima nas već 4 iz Srbije u klanu, tražimo još igrača da nam se pridruže :) 

And remember: NO PAIN NO GAIN!

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