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[Aden]DemonSeed recruiting 22+ NA players


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DemonSeed is made up of a few old school  NA english players that have been playing the game together for over 10+ years. We are currently recruiting active 22+ players to join our ranks. We are looking for people that are not going to loose their mind if they loose xp over pvp, cause it is gonna happen. We are gearing up towards Clan Wars, Sieges, Raids and of course, PvE. Must use discord and have a twisted sense of humor.

We are all adults as well so the bad A word, (Adulting) does tend to take over most of our days with jobs and family. 

Mail/PM Xonerate, Maxim, Sinaria for more information or an invite. 

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Lvl 21 Rogue (Hawkeye) and lvl 21 Cleric (Prophet). Played since closed beta. Family and 2 jobs, so I am very busy but I play for a couple hours after work between 11~pm and 2~am PST. I'd like some english speaking people to grind, raid and pvp with... Am I a candidate?

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