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May be bug


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Raid penal top level no found -more 9 drop 0 xp 0 check i take xp more 10 --penal none

Quest top level no found ---15 --21 orc reward 5000 i complete whit level 23 and take reward.

Reward level character death i change level recover reward level up

excess penal vs mob +-3 level .

Vip bugg (edit bug) people no vip farm aoe ,come one vip 4 solo mode  and take x4 full drops ((system compensations?). delay drop more 5 secounds .

acc manager -login manager - 300 on list = 5h ¿really ? no more new player on conect no more vips -¿may be strategic busness is fail ?¿people whit x3 box run and kill and new player in waiting?

Xp penal on summons(classic?)

Up adena and no up reward quest adena = 50% lineaje , people dont play quest except over xp .

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