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Ability: Cancel (Using Google Translate)


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Well, as we can see, when it turned GOD, the buff were unified, and so, creating 6 buff, which unified all buff formerly of the class of the prophet, elves, dark elves and orc mages. E 3 that unified all the buffs of Blade Dancer and Sword Singer. But at that time, there was an absurd amount of buffs, which filled every bar, so he was understanding when he changed that. More than 20 buffs, turned only 9, where 1 buff only aglomera several other function. Well, in those days before the GOD, the Spellsinger magicians and the human magician had a skill called CANCEL, and had another skill, which helped these two classes to have a defense against someone fully loaded with buff, but this ability even had one sense of being. But today, I do not see logic having this ability in the Feoh class, much less Tyrr and some Iss class, like the one that has debuffing ability that burns HP. Mainly that NCsoft further expressed the buff, from 6 it happened to be 4, with 1 buff acquiring even more function. Well, they have increased the amount of buff they take for example in the Olympics, but the cancel now, when it picks up, you can practically completely destroy a class, especially a class that hits little. I even fought with a tyrr that uses spear, which has a ability to cancel buff, and at the end of the fight, I lost because I was without a single buff. At this point in the championship, I do not see any reason for some Iss to have Cancel, or even Feoh, who with their enormous firepower and now their resistance, need this skill. Where, too, missing items that protect against Cancel. 

So in my opinion:

1 - If the buff were even more clustered in only 4 buffs, then I think an error the skill cancel exists, since it eliminates yes 1 Buff only per attack, but this 1 only buff, eliminates several buffs, so I believe that the class who have such skills, do not need this skill as much today as their defenses are not so low. So I believe I should either eliminate the skill, or make it very weak, or create a method that only deletes a part of the buff, like:

1.1: The HP Buff, MP and CP and something else, instead of eliminating the buff, only eliminate part of them. An example.

Well honestly, fighting with Feoh, Iss, Tyrr that uses Lance, is too complicated, yet the Sigel that beats too weak, which had resistance to Cancel, is no longer ...



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