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Exploration of Rune Town and Areas around


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Hello people, I would like to share with you my traveling exploration photos from Rune Town and areas around :)  Maybe this can save some time for you others who were wondering what is in shadow part of map.

So I started my way from ORC VILLAGE, and from there I was swimming to Rune Castle


After that I decided to explore around Rune Town 



As you can see, whole city is dead and not a single NPC is there, witch is pretty sad. I would love to read some kind of back storry or something. Or be able to trigger some hidden quest that would start some kind of event " Ressurection of Rune Town" or something like that hehe.

After that I decided that would be cool to check entrance to PAGAN TEMPLE...

And as expected it was empty too. Not a single guard nor device to get inside.

So I decided to run around localitions... Death Forrest was empty too and Stakato was empty too... everything went smooth untill I get on the road to Varka and than it happened...



I Hit a freaking invissible wall.... But I think... I hit it from different side than NCSOFT wanted me to :D hahaha :D 

So it was nice trip and as always, I could not find anything 

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