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Skill "Cancel".


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Good morning (Using Google Translate)

I wanted to ask that either this ability be removed from certain classes, or that it has diminished effect. Before GOD, it was necessary to have prophet buff, elven wizard, dark elven wizard, blade dancer, orc wizard and sword singer, this gave a 20 buff, which had a function only. After it turned GOD, it became 6 buff + 3 buff that took all the abilities of Blade Dancer and Sword Singer. And now there are 4 Buff, ie, NCsoft picked up and potentiated two of these buff, to accumulate function of the other two removed. We have to understand that at that time, wizards were more fragile, they took more damage, so it was a defense to skill cancel. Not today, Feoh is one of the class with abilities that makes them more resilient, and even then, still having cancel. And now, when the jumper picks up, you get extremely weak, by the time you eliminate 1 skill from the 4 that's right in the Olympics, the damage is much, much larger than before. Just like when I went to fight with a spear Tyrr, the guy defeated me because his skill to cancel, got perfectly, and I was without 1 buff, and then lost. Like some Iss, like the Iss that has that absurd ability that burns more than 400 HP per second, and the skill loads fast, and lasts 10 seconds, and still have cancel, or even Feoh, more powerful, and still with cancel . You have to go through all this. For I see resistance to everything, but not to cancel. For if we look at the passive skills, we will see that we have natural resistance to mental attacks, stun, bleeding, sleep and etc, but we do not have natural resistance to knock down, cancel, to be erected in the air, these resistance only in some jewels ... resistance skills need to be redone and have more resistance. Or the cancel, the skill to take down and etc, undergo adjustments to become less efficient. As for example Ertheia Feoh, which always knocks you down, never fails, and this has an absurd advantage. However, to cancel, that now we only get 4 buffs, because they were expressed in 4, and to lose 1, it does a much bigger damage than before, when we had 6 or before God that we used 20 ....

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