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Help please Guys, I cant retorn to game!


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Hello guys.
I've been playing for at least 3 years or so, and now I do not see the option of choosing my characters when I enter the L2 Official game. I downloaded Evolution, and everything is the same, but when I enter I do not have any more characters. One of them was at least 194. Capittu name, Human Race and Archer.
Also I had other characters like: Sumoner and Buffer called Monalise.
Could any of you help me?
I have my NCSOFT account active and no problem logging into the site.
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On 06/02/2018 at 1:23 PM, Munch said:

Dayum, queria que meu personagem fosse 194 :o 

Você baixou o Evolution? Tem certeza de que está jogando o jogo certo? Seja porque esta é Lineage II: Salvation


I'm trying to fix it, I've already changed my router and I still have this problem when I log in the loogin screen is 5 minutes in the waiting to open and when it opens soon in the character after I put the pin it logs there comes the disconnect screen of the staff give me a hand, please ASAP



see this print ai my l2 is just like this and when soon I'm taking disconnect somebody help me please
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