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Which summoner? What duo to play?


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As in subject i started. I goes to play at Giran server with friend, probably we will play 2+2 (mains + 2 boxes), and we want to go with summoners, but the questions is which we should choose? Is it good to go two same summoners or just mix them? We wouldnt play all the time together, sometimes we will be alone (+box) so there is a next reason of thinking about classes. Is it good to go es/es or es/ps? And which summoner is the best for solo? Which can easily find parties?

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all servitors have the same stats. only the skills are different . 
the difference is the skills(cubics mostly, PS got poison aswell)  and the base char stas like WIT/INT etc. 
they keep leveling their nukes after 40+ aswell .      prepare for no shots farm and u wont be able even to use both cubics + spirit sharing unless they fix the adena ,

id say go for ps+es

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