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Team Zone Clan Recruit


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Hey Giran.

We are Team Zone.A lvl 3 Clan in War, with a history in online games for about 15 years.A clan with a high reputation all this years in the history of Lineage 2.The Friends are thousands.The enemys?Milions.We are lovely but we are hated also.

Our Clan focus to the members.We are helpfull and we work together.

Now we are at Giran from the first day and we are recruiting.So if you want to be a member for us you need to check the follow.

1.You need to contact with the Leader (Splicho)

2.You need to have and use Discord.

3.You need to be nice, respect all the people in the clan and have nice reputation on our server.

4.We recruiting Full CP's.Your Cp must be lvl 40+ and you need to be ready to fight against the wars and show your spirit and team playuing at pvp mass pvp.

5.We recruiting main Active chars lvl 40+, support are welcome of course.

6.We have a sec already lvl 3 clan with no wars for the ppl who are -40 lvls and need to play more safe and lvl up easyest.In this clan we recruiting CP's and active main chars from lvl 30-40 max.


if want more information you can pm me in game also to the name Adamasth.


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