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help, suspicious activity?? how??


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@Juji @anyone please help.

I was in the middle of doing class change quest last night for my WS(main), Trial of the Guildsman. Was gathering the quest items from Breka Orcs in Breka Stronghold. Finished up and used an SOE, and in the middle my client froze up and closed. I assumed the game just crashed but then I tried to log back in, and it said account was locked due to suspicious activity. ?????? There was no warning or captcha. I wasn't afk for even a minute through that hour, so I don't know how I could have missed a pop-up. (I've never gotten the captcha before so it is possible that I didn't know where to look, is it missable? )  It was a little before 5 am EDT I think. I don't use any botting programs or any third party programs or anything.  At the time I didn't have a box with me and was using SS, only going after the orcs. There were a couple of people there but I don't know how anyone could have genuinely mistaken it for botting. I sent an email to appeal@ncsoft but haven't gotten a reply. This is my first time writing to support, is this normal?  My account is VIP4 and I tried to renew it with 6 days left, and learned the hard way that you can only renew benefits after they run out...Did not ask for a refund, I understand it was my mistake for not reading carefully. But THIS is totally unfair. I am the last person who would be botting.  I am not a tech-savvy type. I only started learning how to use Discord seriously for my clan a couple days ago. 

I originally planned to not spend any money on the game, but obviously did not keep to that plan and I felt bad about it. To then have the account locked and have that money go completely to waste would be terrible. In the case that this can't be fixed, would it be possible to get a refund for anything? I made the purchases through Paypal over several small increments. I am a super idiot, please help. 

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