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all newbie zones full full full fulllllllll of bots

[content moderated]

wake up please how can a illegal server have better support than official?

we pay to support your work and enjoy the game 

wtf is that botland next season ?

start give ban per IP dont only block 15lvl chars...


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Name-shaming, promoting bot activities
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illegal servers (prime example: gamecoast) have the same problems dealing with the RMT business (the primary source of bots). Of course, a illegal server must be at least a bit known for that to happen.

And if you are referring to seasonal servers, like those that do monthly resets, tell me: what's the point in botting if everything is removed in a few weeks anyway? Or perhaps you would like official servers to only last for a month or two each?

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so you want to tell me that farm zones full of bots save the server ?

or you just have few bots runing right now and you dont want someone to chek that ? :D

all time waiting on queue to log in even with vip 4 ok np

but waste 30 min to kill 20 mobs lvl 12 because you have 30 bots runing all around the spots comeon that is not normal.

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