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Gorgon Flower Garden - Low Adena / Geodata Glitches


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as i see the staff doing fixes on adena rate/amount drop for many areas i thought of reporting something i think is wrong

Gorgon Flower Garden is a very nice spot to level, very good exp, but the adena drop amount of the mobs is too low...

The mobs are around level 32 and give 1/3 of the adena that u got from orc barracks''

last time i counted, i leveled 40% on lv 33 and got only 20k adena..


the terrain has some glitches where the character simply stops, like if it has encountered a rock or something like that


just trying to help the staff with that stuff

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Well, in OB mobs have x2 HP, while in GFG they technically have 1x, but it might still be lower HP amounts (despite them being higher leveled).

As for invisible 2-way or 1-way walls, just forget it. There are plenty, in the sense that you don't really need to go looking for them, you'll find them anyway. It is most unlikely anything will be done about them, as they usually persist over major updates.

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