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Aden: Mystic Knights Recuiting Active 35+


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Mystic Knights a lvl 2 almost lvl 3 clan (If I can stop spending my SP for skills) is looking for active players wishing to rebuild from the ground up. I am doing a major house cleaning of all the dead weight in my clan (IE people not playing, or just plain afk when on.) I was a part of one of the biggest Allies on Bartz back in the day (Phantom Alliance) was a leader of Phantom Plague. And am in need of players wanting to siege as well as PvP when needed. North American would be a + that way we can all be on at the same time most of the time. We do have a discord, and we plan to make very big changes In the future. I follow 3 simple rules

1. Everyone helps everyone. (Wouldn't be a clan other wise.)

2. Everyone pvps when needed. (Need to answer a call to arms if asked.)

3. Everyone has each others back, even if the ally we are in seems to try and cripple us.(Then war will be declared and we will kill on site no matter what.)

When I was on bartz 14 years ago I was out for myself, I have learned a lot over that period of time. And now I am more for what's best for the clan and not what's best for myself. If you are interested pm Lafel in game or shoot me an in game email . And I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Thanks for reading.

PS:We have cookies :)


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