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Archer Dyes


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I am a little bit confused about which dyes to look for. I have tried to search on Google but most of the results suggest STR and CHA  for more damage.. However, if I use those dyes, how do I increase DEX?

So, I ask you guys, what is the "best" or "most used" dyes for a Yul Archer (Dark Elf)?

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It would be beneficial if ppl write their current level and their goal in game. Different advice is for someone who has ready 10k$ and want to have end game char in 30 days. Or someone who don't want spend anything and want pve mostly.

Anyway remember that dyes are the hardest equip to change. First of all if you remove dyes it refunds you only 5 while you need 10 to draw it back. 

Best is to write a list of gear which adds basics stats. and add it to base STR and DEX of an DE archer.

Let's do it together for the first time (use excel)

Dark Elf base 92/56 STR/DEX

Longing +2 STR/2 DEX

Octavis/Istina shirt  +2STR/DEX

Shiny elemental shirt +6 +3 STR/DEX

Shiny elemental shirt +8 +4 STR/DEX

Evolved Agathion lvl1 +1 STR/DEX

Freya Agathion charm +1 STR/DEX

Venir 8 +1 STR/DEX

Venir 14 +2 STR/DEX

STR+patka hair Accessory +3 STR

DEX+patak Hair Accessory +3 DEX

Blessed valakas +3 STR

Lindvior +3 DEX

Aria Bracelt STR  +3 STR

Advanced ARia Bracelt STR +4 STR

Aria Bracelt DEX +3 DEX

Advanced ARia Bracelt STR +4 DEX

Exalted lvl 1 +1 STR/DEX

Exalted lvl 2 +2 STR/DEX

Exalted lvl 3 +3 STR/DEX

Exalted lvl 4 +4 STR/DEX

Exalted lvl 5 +5 STR/DEX

Emerald lvl 3 +1 STR/DEX

Emerald lvl 4 +2 STR/DEX

Emerald lvl 5 +3 STR/DEX


So make up yourself a plan what items you are able to get in about 1 year. Then compare STR/DEX (base + items u think you are able to get) and you should get 125 STR/85 DEX as starter pack or 135/90 as pro pack..  So If you are at 132 STR and 75 DEX you will guy DEX dyes. 

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