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Just An Old Newbie Looking For Answers


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Hello guys and ladies, long story short I have not played this game In a while now.. However I do have a wish to start playing once again but the problem Is I have no idea where to start to be honest, so I would be very grateful If any of you guys could support me on this one and answer me couple of small questions if only possible of course.

whats the server traffic status Is It the population or the ping? and whats the differences between those servers talking islands, giran, aden, etc.

How do I start playing as a new player ? much as any other person I value my time, and so Id prefer to be efficient.. so Is there any detailed guide on how to start playing?

Do you guys know any kind of guild I could join to? to talk with other people on discord, teamspeak etc. And have a great time chatting while having my questions sorted out?

If there's by any chance any of you guys are feeling talkative and friendly enough to support me a little bit, you could message me your discord or teamspeak info so we could chat about It.

I hope you people are having a fantastic day everyone.

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Glad to hear you made a come back.

Server traffic status can be always checked here, however consider alts though: http://l2.laby.fr/status/

There are lots of guide over internet, since L2 is a big game in terms of classes, gameplay etc. you havto specific about certain areas of interest. Also, its better you get an initial idea for now and then dive into the game, coz the journey itself is a nice learning experience. To begin you have to pick a race and class. Whatever you pick, also level a buffer along with it in a different account alongside, will make your soloing times easier. The new quests from initial levels will guide you till20 and since its a huge open world, you ill make acquaintances for sure, even though it might seem slow at the beginning, so dont worry.

You can join discord channels, there are a few https://discord.gg/KmTXwA 

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