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Archer Solo with PP


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1 hour ago, Steve1 said:

Im a Human Archer LvL 37 and i want to find a good place for good exp solo.

Let me tell you that you are in trouble for playing Solo with archer at this level, one reason is this:
If you follow this link, you'll get one unofficial info about some mobs with archery weakness:

The trouble here is that, if you check, there is only one mob upon your level... but if you try to find that "Lageos" Mob on the next place, you'll see that this mob is not available on Classic:

So, the lesson here, is that you can't use the archery weakness to find some monster to kill easily.

The best you can do is use that pages I gave to you, and check for some common mobs with HP X1 and not resistant to Bow attacks, find its place, and get a good adventure there.

Sorry because I can`t be more useful (if I wasn't useful at all), but I can recommend you to check this youtuber channel, who plays as hawkeye, and may be you can find one spot or ask him for help.

  • GaMeDxS

Find this video from the same man:

Excuse me because I'm working now and I can`t give you a better YouTube link, the internet restrictions at my job is like the bot's server trouble... a complete trash.

By the way, i'll start soon a human or dark elf archer, so, if you have a resume about where to grow up alone, I will be happy if you can give it to me.


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