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Its So Bugged....... Why Pay Vip 4 If Dont Work Correct?


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I am vip 4, I died at dragon valley trying to do the quest for class transfer, to a Shackle mob...

before die i had like 71+% xp of lvl 39, after die i dropped to 63.84%...

I tought I was getting 4% with reduction of 20% for being vip 4, but im getting the ammount of 8%

I noticed a huge ammount of xp loss other times during the alligator quests and in the previous time I had to kill mobs with my buffer for this quest.

Whats wrong with this???? Im not giving any money to this game anymore, I will let my vip expire and Wont waste any more time in this, its so bugged............I hope I can get the correct ammount of penalty for being VIP 4, and get it fixed, otherwise its goodbye for once.

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