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I want play lineage 2 with command voice


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Hello dear community, im thinking in the people that doesnt has the ability to move hands, or even ex soldiers of united states and the world that lost their hands in battle, or many other people

i want they be a part of the community of online game, then i made a software that allows the people to play a game with voice command, but is necessary a game as lineage 2 to apply this command voice recognize software, to let this people merge it with the commands of the game, as /assist, or wasd movements


im not asking to gamemaster to improve anything of the macros or shortcuts of the game, ill just im asking if i can test it, or it gonna be considered as third party software?


is voice command emulation system what i will do, is a slow way to play the game, but, this allows to the people with issues in their body, to at last, play a game


we are talking of someone that cant move, and is in a hospital, but can see and speak, will be avaiable to play an online game, only with command voices

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