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[INFO] Bots:Is this the best u can do?


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So,im not say nothing about how broken are this servers in terms of rates-bugs or the fact that u made the boring L2 grinding even more boring(i was not thinking it was possible),i didnt pay a single dollar (really dont understand why ppl goes on throwing money on this garbage..)and seeing what u gave us as the Classic Server we were waiting with so many expectations i never will.
It's a privatelike server (but i played in privates 10 times better than this to be honest) so even if game is broken i accept it since i dont pay,at least until u will definitely kill with some item that u cant avoid to buy.
In this spirit,i just want a clear information,if what u are doing against bot epidemy is all u plan to do.
Because if it is so,ill start botting myself or stop playing even if it's free,you should start to pay me to play here,cos the amount of bots is disgusting.

PS dont come out with other jokes like "we have a constant patrol"..a real patrol would clean the server really quick,map is small and range of lvl is not so huge so..

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