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Fortresses and sieges.


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Hello. I've noticed that the server population is decreasing. I think fortresses and sieges should be introduced to the game as soon as possible. The main reason I play Lineage 2 is the pvp and I believe this is the case for a lot of players. Having to grind for 6 months before you go to your first fortress/castle siege will be discouraging to many people. I understand that the population is underleveled and undergeared to conquer a castle. I think there are 2 solutions that can address this problem:
1. Introduce castle sieges but make the NPC's guarding them weaker according to the server population's current state. 

2. Introduce fortresses before castles that are made accessible by lower level/geared people. Since there are plenty of fortresses in the game, both the hardcore and casual clans can compete for them and have fun.

I don't see why these features should be postponed since they are the most fun part of the game. Having those will keep the interest of many players. I love Lineage 2 and I'm having a blast on this server so far. However, I can't wait to go on a siege and I believe it will be fun for most people to see them sooner. 


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