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WTS/WTB in Party Matching


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Hello I see its like a new trend after setting a private shop in giran you then procceed to open party room with your "WTS" message.

At first it wasnt that bad,but as people see no actions are being taken for those party rooms,the problem is getting bigger and bigger. Like 1 legit party room for 10 WTS/WTB(if you tick "my level range" it even gets worse as all those shops is set 1-90lvl)  @Hime Is theese selling rooms allowed and is there any point reporting them to support with screenshots for some action to be taken?

Apart from ignoring those sellers/buyers and not selling them anything does anyone have any other ideas how to "deal" with them?

In some other unnamed project,if someone catches you with this kind of room you get acc lock and you have to contact administration for unlock(first time),if you do it for second time you are done,and you rarely see any of those party rooms there as people know the consiquences.

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