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Progressive turn-ins for Daily Quests


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I think that having a Progressive Daily Quest system would encourage players with limited play time to do more variety for their weekly Reputation rewards.

Every quest can be completed up to 5 times, then goes to tier 2(2-3x requirements for double reward... but still only counts as 1 quest)up to 5 times, then tier 3:

Quest                      Tier 1                                Tier 2                                 Tier 3

85+ Monsters          500 monsters/1xreward    1000 monsters/2xreward    1500 monsters/3xreward

Instances                2x/1xreward                       5x/2xreward                        10x/3xreward

Raid Bosses           4x/1xreward                       10x/2xreward                      20x/3xreward

Fishing                   100 catches/1xreward        300 catches/2xreward        700 catches/3xreward

Augmenting/Combining/Auction Bidding etc. should be limited to 5each(tier 1) then disabled till weekly reset

I have weighted Instances/Raid Bosses/Fishing Heavier to encourage Open Field Hunting(Party Instances also count towards 85+ Monsters... but Solo Instances do not)

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