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Key mat drops working as intented?


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With all the chars i leveled i got very few key mat drops, in fact i got more full drops than key mats. 

- 2 Chars to 30 and 2 to 35 in OB: 2 Zweihander, 1 Artisan sword, 1 spinebone blade

- Hours and hours of Lizardmen kills: 1 Elven mithril glove design, 2 elven mithril gloves full drops

- lots of hours Hunters valley: 0 Brigandine helmet designs, 1 full drop Brigandine helmet etc. etc..

A market for C grade mats (PL armor, gaiters etc. etc.) does not exist. Just nobody is selling them. So i suppose key mat drops are almost none existant there as well.


===> I see the point that  NC wants to earn money with the servers and therefore they want to sell shop items. Without a working ingame economy they wont achieve that imho. Imo the only way to get non shop C items seems to be RBs. 

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