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Some misconceptions


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-Cost of shots compared to adena gained is not the issue.  If you can't afford shots, group grind or farm slower.  Its doable.

-TP costs are not a big deal.  Walk or leave mains in certain areas, grind spots, aden etc.  



The issue is that grinding from 20-35 is about 3x more lucrative then grinding 40-55.  Honestly if you dont want to change adena rates at the top end, nerf lower level grinding.  

The issue is RNG box events that require 0 effort except logging in that supports people having as many box accounts as possible can make weeks worth of adena in a click.  



No more RNG log on events.  Events that promote active participation or grinding etc is fine.  

Reduce adena in lower areas.  

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People are just lazy, entitled and want to be instantly rewarded. If nobody bought adena with real money then adena sellers wouldn't be a problem but this problem is evident in subscription models and free to play models too. There will always be cash cows in every server with a player economy and there will always be russians and brs who want to profit from RMT and 3rd party solfware. Atleast in a free to play model you're not forced pay to play and you can leave anytime u want.

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