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can't submit ticket / access support

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GreenBuffer    0

Hi, i´m having a problem at the website, im trying to open or submit a ticket, by the website, but every time i click at submit ticket, i got redirect to my account settings. please there is any way to solve that ? in game i can log in without problens...
i already sent an email to support@ncsoft.com but only got an automatic reply and nothing was done...

please help me, i need to use support painel, ty i apreciate your atention


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Kharaa    10

Your web page its bugged. I press in "My tickets" or "Submit a ticket" and im redirected to Account Settings, wtf?

I reported more than 5 bots in last week and they still boting and now i cant even reclaim that? 


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Onirique    18


We are aware you can't submit a ticket via the website and are looking into this issue. In the meantime, you can email support@ncsoft.com with your issue. Make sure to include screenshots if you want to report automated accounts (bots). Reminder that the forums are not the place to send your screenshots as it is name-shaming and is not tolerated here.

Thank you.

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