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Need some help about random stuff


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Hello all, old player from c1 period, iwould like your help with couple of things

First i have started on giran server made my box buffer{orc 22} wanted to get to 29 then decide on my main but because server was full everyday i made me dark wizard on aden curently 30 lvl did not wanted to make any boxes for it was purely aoe pts and solo but im not satisfied with aden population so im thinking going back to giran

Im interested are there still ques for kovin and how long u must w8 until u get i to the game??? 

Next thing i want to know is what would be faster class to catch up with the rest of the server because i dont think i would get much ac/ob/ant nest parties since this much time passed from server start

I was thinking destro with some nice pole and third heal box

Archer delf i hear they are easy to lvl but expensive 

My main from way back was dagger elf but i dont think i want it as a First char untill i get decent gear for and Just Rush lvls with top stuff

And third option for me would be mage but since i already playing one i want some close combat class

So my fellow l2 gamers what would be fastest duo box to lvl 40

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You should have no problems with queues nowadays.

Fastest duo to level 40, IF there are no players to make AoE pts with, should be Cleric+PK. An alternative, if camping areas where you do not need to move is Cleric+Monk.

Regarding Monk, the class has light armor mastery, but you should use heavy armor.

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1 minute ago, iApolonir said:

Is monk realy that OP now was he not single target dps

By PK u mean palus knight right? 

Yes, PK is Palus Knight.

Without a party you will be forced to do single target dps, that's the whole point.

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