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Sigel Knight Salvation: Opinion


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Good Afternoon (Using Google Translate)


I noticed that Sigel Knight upgrade is to improve the class even better, I strongly disagree, it got worse, Sigel is a weak class, of little damage, and had as attribute, skill that reflected damage to help him win, they removed all of this. What I noticed is that the new skills are castin slow, most of 3.5 seconds, meaning any class can cut the invocation of the skill, making the target class easy of DDs, whatever it is. I fought with several Iss, and they also underwent improvements, ally, this much better than the Sigel Knigh. The truth is that NCsoft has no ability to balance the class, it's pompous in describing the skills, the improvements, but in fact, it's clear that it does not test anything, it simply creates and plays the game and that's it, and thinks this will solve something. The casting of the chain is too slow, it used to be more agile to use the chains, so it gave more chance, now it is slow. The Final Ultimate Defense skill description says that the maximum damage that I will receive is 600, since I am in lvl 100, but fighting in the Olympics, with the skill activated, I was lvando damages of 1,200, 2,000, this with the skill activated, and I ask, the skill is working, or I do not understand the description of it, if it makes clear, that for 30 seconds my maximum damage will be 600? The Raise Shield and Focus Shield skills are the biggest joke I've ever seen in skills description, they are skills that I did not see much of, I used and I continued to take high damage, it does not help at all, and worst of all, it turns off if I use any skill I use shield. Ridiculously, NCsoft is so bad at creating things, that it puts a but in the description of the skill as if these two skills really made any difference, which did not, does not, and did not see doing.


Same as the two Final Ultimate Defense skills, which says that I take maximum damage of 600, I used and was taking 1,200 and 2,000 damage, I did not see anything reduced to 600, so did the Protection of Fith skill that says it reduces to 850 of damage, but not reduced, ally, sincerely NCsoft, this reductions that put in the description is ridiculous, because the DDs, be they Tyrr, be they Archers, be they Othel Rogue, be they Feoh, does not help at all in the defense of the Sigel , because these class DDs, they can apply much more than this, then they just attack with will, that will put the Sigel easily, and I wonder: For what reason this skill has reuse of 15 minutes, if this skill is of no use, it does not help at all, it does not solve anything, it does not protect at all? In the past, Final Ultima Defense limited damage to 100, and reflected 100% damage taken, formerly yes, it was useful, but now, reduce damage to 600, which are not reducing, only in the head of NCsoft that this new skill will help Sigel.

To make matters worse, Sigel used to be able to combo using all the Ultimate Defense he had, all skills that increase P.Defesa, now can not, is prohibited. Funny that NCsoft create very powerful skill for DDs, with short reusers, and short casting, but with Sigel, most new skills have casting 3.5 seconds. Is it even that NCsoft is finding that Sigel is so powerful so it needs to ruin the class with this new testing skills, was it no good?


And then, I'm going to fight a Feoh and then a Healer, all two with the same level of equipment, and I noticed that: The skill that would be an aid to Sigel which is Vanishing Stun, which had another clear, good name. , she gave magic silence, she already failed too much in Feoh and Healer, especially in the Healer, not now, she gained a chance to give silence, they will allege that now silence...From what I noticed, they transformed the Sigel Eva's Templar and the Sigel Shilen Templar back into Sigel that deals better with the Wizards, but I did not see that, for first that the silence that the Vanishing Stun of too much failure on Feoh fails absurdly in the Healer, I fought with a Healer today, it was not well equipped, that 10 times that I can use this skill, did not take silence once. It's time for NCsoft to begin to reduce the resistance of the Wizard to mental attacks, as they are class that have many supports, are class that give absurd damage, their magic critical are always high, a more or less equipped Feoh can give magic critical 20k demage to 40K damage ... Or it's time for NCsoft to take shame and start figuring out how to lessen these criticisms because it takes 40K of damage from a Feoh, or take a critical 10K from a Healer, is absurd, because a Sigel more or less equipped does not even reach 60K of HP, more or less equipped, meanwhile, the evil Sigel barely manages to give 1 k of damage in these class Wizard, and only gained with help of the Reflete which the Ncsoft solved it...

Summarizing everything, Skill says it reduces damage is not reducing, casting of the skill too slow, Sigel has lost them reflect, now it has become an easy target for DDs, which continue to give absurd damage, and Sigel is no longer sturdy as Patch Note says , who had the courage to say that he is a tough class, can even be a full party quest, but to fight in the Oly, or in PVP a versu 1, picks up to Iss and heals easily, and these new skills are weak , they are of no use, I have seen no help at all, I prefer the old ones, at least they have helped more. They made everything worse.


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