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  1. The easiest way is just to create a new char. It will take you no more than 5min to get to lvl 50 again. But if for some reason you really want to stick with the old one, try to create a support ticket and ask if they can give to you. In some cases they are able to do so. Good luck!
  2. @Juji Can you share how much it changed % wise per level? ex: 109 -20%, 110 -15%, 111 - 9% Then we will have an idea of the improvement even without absolute numbers.
  3. You really call that black friday? apart from destiny packs that has this stupid 100 per server restriction and the night coins that you also restricted to only one per acc, there's nothing of value there. Buying from the market with the current prices is cheaper.
  4. Since the event will be extended, will the coins be removed in this maintenance or we will keep it and be able to expend during the week? @Hime
  5. @Juji @Hime The quest: Hunt Monsters Lv. 101 or higher is not rewarding Celebration coins.
  6. Hi, can you describe how it will be the stats of Talisman - Longing (Exalted)? Or it will be a non tradable version of the regular one? Thanks!
  7. Hi, we are still before the maintenance and have all the letters in inventory, but the event button is gone, so we are stuck with the letters and cannot turn into the rewards! Can you guys please take a look?! @Juji @Hime Thanks!
  8. Hi, I just saw that was mentioned by @Juji that we will have the letters event for 2 weeks more. I still see the deletion date in all letters in a few hours. Will we be able to hold them after the update? Or all that we have will be deleted and we will be able to drop them for 2 weeks more? @Juji @Hime if you guys can please reply as we have only a few hours for the deletion if it is the case. Thanks!
  9. full of bots 24/7 there. was there with an alt, a horde of bots started to try to invite me in pt and friendlist. You block, comes another invite.. and another.. and another.. stayed like this for half an hour. In total 49 nicks blocked. Ofc nothing will happen to them, so just move on.
  10. This is the removal list, not the reward list. It is possible that we have both permanent and 1 day, because in the reward list its not written.
  11. Can we have the list updated, so we know which "full items" like this one will be temporary? In the reward list this Talisman is not stating that is temporary. Is this the only one? There are other cases? This is very misleading.
  12. I didn't noticed anything about this in the patch notes.
  13. Is this coming in the late summer or now? Is the Patch Notes preliminary or final? Because @Hime posted in the page that will be release Wednesday. https://www.lineage2.com/news/tales-untold-arrives-august-19
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