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  1. Ok then that makes a little more sense then lol Thanks for clarification Juji
  2. LoL they got you.... weak event honestly. At least Euro servers got a letter event that was more fair than this. How does a healer do this event? Tank? Most Iss? 105+ and a Rim for 115+ when only person is 115 on Chornus not sure about Naia.
  3. Not for nothing but why have 115+ Rim when there is only one person who is 115 in on these servers? lol
  4. What do you miss?

    Yes and she is still there. Sad i ran through a lot of places and you cant even access them anymore. Forgotten Temple is well forgotten just a stairway to a locked door now. Ant's Nest does not even exist no more even though its still on map. Devil Isle is there but not a mob anywhere in it.
  5. Since its been a whole day later when we getting these details? lol
  6. Not true. I have never done anything against game rules created a new account on different pc leveled it up got to to level 97 in one day with mentor buffs and vit rune going and got banned for suspicious activity. No email sent to my email why and I couldn't appeal the ban from that account had to submit a support on my main account to get that account reopened. It was a mistake and I was just banned in a mass ban of the bloody swampland of new toons. Nice huh?
  7. Several places. Spoilers spoil crystal of spoil which can be traded. They do drop from party instance boxes you get for completing the instance or the quest associated with the instance. Then there are people who have truck loads of life stones who smartly combined and upgraded them before the old ones were deleted and not to crash the market they only put a few for sale at a time 5 - 10 a batch usually. It is actually only middle class non-super nc coin buying way to make a honest living besides whats left of fishing. Some of prices on gear are horrendous but it is what its is.
  8. About changing number of screens

    Did you miss the M in MMORPG part? This is a multi player game if you do not like don't play. Get some clan members and friends and "party" together I know radicaly concept but it just work sometimes. You seem like the same person who complains their is a quarantine and you cannot eat out but when there wasn't you go out to dinner alone... What difference does it make?
  9. Castle functions not working

    Do you have castle set functions ability? It is a different privilege then clan hall.
  10. Castle functions not working

    Actually like a clan warehouse there is a castle vault that tax income comes into if the clan leader if emptying it then those functions cannot be turned on. I use to only empty it right before a siege started then by the morning there be more in it for functions to stay on.
  11. Castle functions not working

    you have to make sure there is money in the clan vault and some functions require a fort to be pledged to the castle are those conditions satisfied?
  12. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    Does any L2 official server have that setting? If no just stop asking. There is your answer
  13. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    Here is my problem the raids "smaller" clans or allies can do not drop anything. I saw the drop list for a recent faurfion raid and that would be game breaking if general clans put those things to market. Market is out of control. A cloak should cost more than a weapon and weapon should not cost 150 billion adena. There is no way to craft anything because of the ether issues max of 150 ether person per day and you cannot trade it; Took me 10 days to farm enough ether (not counting what else was needed) to just try to craft a shield that failed. No way to farm adena efficiently and there no drops or spoils outside r110 areas which you guessed you need r110 gear to farm. The system is broken everywhere the only way to fix it to start drops going to the "middle" class clans so no I am against a pvp zone on mega raids at least it is not like it was to get noble years ago having to stab baium. Took me 2 months and friends in the power clan for me to sneak me in to get noble. You cannot create log jams and except people to keep playing the top clans fear competition they want to just dominate, and none pvp zones means its just a luck issue who gets the raid and they do not like that. This game is it best when people max out and playing field levels out... then because a skill issue not a gear or level issue and boy do people who p2w or back in the day bot to win hate that...
  14. Just for know

    grats its so hard to get 3/3 I keep get 2/3 not once on any of my toons have i gotten a 3/3 on any of the homunkulus however u spell it.
  15. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

    Hime I tried to apply the code yesterday for my new account and said code couldn't apply. It was not due to expire till today's maintenance. (BTW This is for a new account i already claimed on this one) Can we get that looked at extend 1 extra day for the people that were trying yesterday and this morning but it wouldn't go through kept saying code not valid.