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  1. Title of topic is : Red Libra Pve to Pvp - Pvp to Pve
  2. We just had red libra very rare do we ever get it this close together usually its 8 - 10 months before the next one. Can we stop asking as soon as it ends people start asking for it again lol
  3. Not letting me post to open topics in the forum sometimes. I cannot post to certain topics simply saves my reply and never posts is this a new issue? Its very odd cleared my cookies cache used different browsers same issue keeps popping up. Thank you.
  4. to get the super ability for your class you need to stay in your tree to 110. At 111/112 added attack element ability's from mage tree I will probably not be able to get the other skill mastery until 115 / 116 if I did my math right.
  5. So I see mob spawns double ok check. Go to PI 30 minutes in how many drops? 0. I usually get 10 - 12 scrolls an hour..... Did you guys turn off drops? lol
  6. Id go with the second if get a 15% on it lol I got 7.5 P Skill Damage and 7.5 P skill crit chance
  7. Working as intended... Buffer classes cannot buff anyone but themselves ... makes zero sense. It for all us to spend more money. This ploy it destined to fail as many already sick of the instability of the servers.
  8. Yep I just lose trasncedence again lost 100 cookies because of extreme use lag yesterday. You better think of a huge huge huge compensation package for this server issue as its been completely unplayable since maintenance on Weds. Like maybe reseting all usage packs attendance etc for an additional 30 days might be a good start.
  9. bug bleed through from the live server using the same area. Usually its evi's
  10. What i mean range se / wc but they cannot buff anyone else with it so whats the point? lol
  11. 1. No vamp rage self buff on melee toons but you have it on range toons please fix that has to be a mistake. 2. I got skills that cost million + adena im Level 63 currently have all these skills I have no way of learning: Expand Inventory - Earned at level 1 - Dont get ticket till level 88 Drain Magic Energy - Mana Vamp (Needed) - Earned at level 40 - Need Spellbook Death Guard - Shield - Earned at level 40 - Need Spellbook Divine Inspiration - Extra buff slot (eh) at level 52 - Need ticket Bone Prison - Pvp Skill (eh)
  12. Your killing way to slow. If your not one hitting mobs at 110 as a dagger then your not killing quick enough. I get 70 - 100 boxes an hour at FoC I get 6 - 14 scrolls an hour at PI Storm Isle I get 150 - 200 mil adena an hour. (Seriously 4 million? that is 40 mobs in an hour)
  13. I must of missed the law degrees you all have sorry about that.
  14. You missed it. I just leave it there not going to argue about it.
  15. Here is why I think we are not getting the store because once they put a real value on items in terms of real money then the rules of the games change legally in the US. The virtual items no longer are solely the property of NCSoft because there is not an extrinsic real value that NCSoft gave them and over a certain amounts the fair use and ownership of electronic media falls into place. Not sure what it is on a federal level off the top of my head but this would trigger and then banning accounts with these items becomes a legal issue and not just a gameplay issue anymore. IE I buy a CD
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