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  1. So still cannot select any of my accounts at server login. Heck I cannot even create a new one at server select on server I have no players. So is this going to be fixed or ignored or just forget about ever playing this game again?
  2. New Fortress

    Part of the problem is this not Korea. There are peak ranges but no peak times. All our servers are spread over 8 - 9 time zones while in Korea its one time zone. Unless its a weekend hard to organize anything big during the week for a NA or Euro clan. Our playstyle is grossely different and that is why NA should have more freedom to tweek the game. Think of random spawn times for dragons, It hard enough to organize those big raids now we have no clue when or what days they will be so that is a good change?
  3. fortress

    On Chro all the clans that own castles contracted with their ally or alt clans with the forts. Hence why there are empty forts no point in taking any of them because you cannot contract with a castle and too much effort for n payout.
  4. Clan Rep Reward Nerf

    So still don't get why they did all this? In Korea there are still no level 13 clans and its been a year. What was the point to this update? Clan skills make you either have your clan go pvp or pve can't do both with the skills no more. So again why do this?
  5. New Fortress

    Well on Chro the most populated server there is 15 forts open too so i guess ncsoft screwed this one up too?
  6. Clan Rep Reward Nerf

    Really interesting hasn't been any heroes named yet but good try. Want to make up another good lie? I guess your clan is just better than those 100s of Korean clans right? PS If everyone doesn't complain they will think everything is fine. So don't make beileve this system is any good.
  7. Clan Rep Reward Nerf

    its all your points from one time quests now elts see where you are at in a month i had a lot from one time quests but its ONE TIME QUESTS
  8. Clan Rep Reward Nerf

    Hate to say it but before a clan leader quits game if he has a level 11 clan it might get sold now higher than the worth of his toon lol These changes make nothing about the game better lets see what it did: 1. Limits amount of clan members by 60 less for a level 11 clan 2. Takes away years of hard work leveling up units and skills and get zero in return those tokens are useless you cannot even trade them in for anything useful and they have failed to say they will add something useful to trade them in for. 3. Make it impossible for new clans to ever reach level 11 so stunt the growth of new clans 4. Make a clan choose if they are going to pvp or pve. Before you could have clan skills that benefits both now you only have enough clan development points to choose one path. Limiting how we play the game again. 5. Makes organization of the clan impossible for clan leaders. With different units I could put casual players in one unit, buffers/boxes in another, alts in another, Euro/different time zone players in another. You get the idea. Now its just one jumble mess again. 6. For 10 years I been asking for the ability to see last time a clan member has logged on. All these changes and still cannot give me that one simple request. I know they have the ability to because if they are on your friend list you can see their last log on date. 7. Sieges are no longer fun for anyone who doesn't have a chance to take the castle. Before casual players or people that wanted to play around with pvp light as i call would sign up get some fame and Clan rep and have some fun and make it a little harder for big clans not knowing if they going to get a stun from a random at the wrong time which I have seen cause issues sometimes at sieges. I could go on but I do not see one positive to any these changes. This is not Korea we do not game the same way they do. Is it possible to bring back the old clan stuff for us because none of this is positive.
  9. Clan Rep Reward Nerf

    so whats the point\ in this change it didnt make anything better?
  10. clan lvl

    to put it into perspective Korea has no level 13 clans so don't listen to what he has to say. Took months for level 12 clans to appear.
  11. MorningStar

    at least +10 dark set and +12 dark weapon ... like those are so common? lol
  12. CH siege RB

    Korea is one time zone so most players on during their peak times so to organize these things isn't too hard. NA/Euro servers are across 10 - 11 time zones just the US is 5 time zones. Lot harder when 8pm for East Coast people is 3 pm for people in Hawaii or Alaska or 5pm for California people are not going to leave work early to get home to play a game. These epic 200 person raids are very rarely put together in the US. NA thrived when you could have 12 clan alliances with 40 person clans.
  13. Back to the Grind

    Ireheart no offense with the clan changes makes no sense to start a new clan try to take over an old level 11 clan because in Korea there are still no level 13 clans and very few level 12 ones.
  14. New Fortress

    define full clan? LIke 120 people to do a fort? If thats the case they should reset all the castles and see how many people can take it from NPCs lol
  15. CH siege RB

    If you need level 107 to get those clan halls its pointless because most major clans would have a buyable clan hall by that level lol