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  1. Raid Boss Kiting out of PVP zone

    Didn't the cap Crit damage on raids with these update though? That is where I am confused. No gear was added to the game R110 is still the top gear - dragon weapons which are still pretty rare in NA at least stage 2 ones, simple or stage 1 are more out there but not that much so. I am just asking because we have a top 100 player with very very high end gear in our clan thats a DD so trying to actually do raids would be great.
  2. Battle Rapsody Cooldown Time

    Simple coding? If A go to B if no A go to C? Its called program hierarchy its actually a simple command structure they put in place based on how they want items to stack. (dumb down to make it understandable to people that don't know programming)
  3. Raid Boss Kiting out of PVP zone

    on Naia? and how because i want to know what piece of information I am missing how to do damage to raid that is 10 levels above u
  4. Its a 112 party spot test yesterday if you have a decent tank and healer and dd's 108 with good gear or 109 + with decent gear u can xp there efficiently but here is the little kick I would not auto hunt there because too many things can go wrong its an active party hunting area. 23 - 25 billion xp per mob in a party of 5+ or more and in a party of 7 was still getting 7 - 10k adena per mob was actually nice. Hunting for auto party u hunt at your level or below for active hunting you hunt at your level or slightly above. You can easily make this area a 1 - 2 hour area a day for similar to old SoS xp if you know how to kill efficiently.
  5. L2 Servers launch dates

    Also im sure it was but these forums were reset at the end of 2017 so over a decade and half of my posts poofed lol
  6. Raid Boss Kiting out of PVP zone

    Isn't Lord Ishka a level 125raid boss now? Is there anyone on either server that can damage a level 125 raid boss since i didn't know L2 had any level 121 players on either server? Has anyone successfully killed any of the new level 125 raids? Just little confused trying to get clarification because all the level 120 raids are always up because.... well no one can kill them either.
  7. L2 Servers launch dates

    https://lineage2.fandom.com/wiki/Updates Gives you release of all the updates till end of 2017. We lost out of resources that use to give us info on this game and there are really no forums outside the main forums for L2 anymore. Use to be L2Blah (for all the bickering etc, and update info) and L2Rochand use to give us a good translation on the updates from Korea and discussion on how to prepare for them months in advance. However most of those are are gone for awhile now.
  8. L2 Store and event prices

    I completely agree our prices should at least be in line with Euro server pricing as both regions have similar GDP and average incomes. I also think we need an overhaul on prestige pack because cube's items are outdated add runestones, level 1 legendary dyes or dye crystals, artifact fragments, crystal of dawns things people need that cannot buy from a merchant of mammon. Enchant scrolls of the lower type are worthless I have over 700 E-AR and 200 E-WR so its kind of stupid I would make money to sell them to a shop at this point lol. Also soul bottle fragments are useless because you cannot even get some of the jewels anymore your getting soul bottle fragments for.
  9. L2 Store and event prices

    Which if we had a test server would been prevented.
  10. 1 He has a charisma pot on with VOP buff thats where the magic crit comes from not that really matters on an archer either way Do you even know what vicotry of paagrio does: +15 % PATK/Matk/PSkill Crit rate +20 % PATK / Matk / Pdef/ Mdef 20% is significant increase in those stats so where is it? I tested mine several ways with Just VoP and Crit dance, With just Crit dance, and just VoP, and with neither. Crit dance works regardless. So no issues with that skill. VoP has no state change in any state meaning its not working at all. So please look and read before you speak because you saw a change with a Charisma +5 pot no a 20% patk increase did u? 20% is big.
  11. L2 Store and event prices

    Ok not sure how it is in EU but when their a prize in the US a cash value to be assigned to with taxes having to be paid based on that cash value. +16 weapon is probably non-enchanted or bloody isn't worth much I hope you realize that because it has no SAs on it like enchanted or bloody or limited do. Say it was a limited +16 going for 250 billion which translates into $1200 US dollars then you would have to make 33% tax on that $1200 before you can claim a prize. It is a problem why most US game shows got rid of prizes because people could not collect their prizes without paying the taxes due on them up front, imagine you win a 40,000 car but you can only claim it if you 12,000 up front to get it. Most people would have to pass on a prize they won. I am not sure how old you are where you from but some things are more complicated then you know to be it is why they do not have contests because some countries has special rules for contests and then parts of L2 population cannot even participate which is a whole other issue. Prestige pack issue I 100% agree on though.
  12. Token Based Policy

    Sometimes if a server lag spikes you can accidentally double click and enchant so that does happen not as common as people make it seem but accidents do happen.
  13. Use to have a test server that people would play on and find 75% of the bugs especially on new content that never might get to see on a live server. Always allowed players to play with their toons builds so when they did buy NCCoins or use their adena it would be used more efficiently. Not sure why they stopped that experiment I do not think anyone ever complained about the fun the test server was and allowed NCSoft to prevent bugs that were sometimes game breaking to go live.
  14. I never said the xp was good boy I need to sell reader's comp manuals for this forum. I said at least we can xp efficiently as it was before the update they just rebalanced it back to pre update xping to remove that 1 little issue that no one could xp anywhere I am sorry if think that means I said the xp was good it isn't but I am not obsessed with things that cannot be change quickly apparently you think a producer who has no in house programmers can change that issue overnight. I have found a huge new bug trying to find out if it applies to more than just Victory of Paagrio because that buff has zero effect right now which needs an immediate fix. I trying to find out if it applies to Chant of Bision and PoF also.
  15. Wow thanks good catch my personal buffer is a dominator since I am the clan leader thought it be a good idea. VOP is not increasing my stats at all currently this is a serious bug and waste of adena I wonder how long its been going on.