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  1. I said no for a few reasons 1. Neutral zone - area redone should been part of the last update in February when people that range was struggling 2. If you remove the neutral zone area this is really not an update but more a large weekly patch - making mobs harder AGAIN not learning your lesson from August Update 2020 or Feb 2021 update. 3. Every other territory has gotten the coin shop but us and you continue with the whack a mole boxes and honestly most of us getting tired of it. It does not inject the needed items into the economy. 4. Major items needed: Brooch jewel
  2. easy make the mobs not drop adena to people they are blue or light blue that eliminated higher end people.
  3. I stopped spending for most part except for my monthly runes last event that seemed responsible was snowman boxes because your guaranteed a lot vit pots at the bare minium which helped you level during an xp event.
  4. Pardon the reference here but not sure how to say it. 105 is the coming to God moment in L2. If your not willing spend any IRL money at the time just log out because the game is pretty much over for you there. There is no way to continue much past 105 unless you start investing some money into game (im not talking thousands but I would budget for on average $100 a month for your main)
  5. my issue is the cost vs balance issue. I use to upgrade a piece here there and to keep up with the curve of the game, however with the them breaking the enchant system, not giving einshad shop that is all other zones prices on some items so out of control its unsustainable. Like it is literally impossible to make a bloody R110 set.... there aren't enough stones on the server to make them. These thing should drop even if its a rare drop from those mobs we kill 10,000s of each day. I mean its so hard to actually add drops into game? Or raid bosses that can be farmed by people who are
  6. people are selling level 5 ruby for 95 billion I mean really its not even a great level 1 and your selling for 95 billion?
  7. Point wasn't how much I make its the pricing of items is so out there already its still insignificant for a mid tier player to get anything to move him more towards the top, Cloaks, God Jewels, Jewels in generals, R110 Bloody Armor all it way out of reach I have no clue how things got this lopsided.
  8. Degus with the new update I actually played 1 hour active because mob damage been updated and defense slightly so what was 1 shot is now 1 shot and little more to my archer but I digress. Playing actively and cautious i got 1.1 billion in an hour in 1 pit. More aggressive few more tweaks to my defense 2 pits would probably be about 2 bil an hour. I cannot play more than 1 hour actively before I get bored so I would say 3 - 4 billion a day if I push it but /shrugs; still don't get me anywhere near the items I need in game to upgrade my toon I really need bloody R110 armor to increase my elem
  9. Yea it is not consider a bug I did give them a simple solution to correct 90% of the problem but it will never happen, even though mechanic already exists in game. Just make equipped items not count against item count - already do it for artifacts.
  10. To be honest I just PK players that are xping and annoying me in my areas, he actually went the extra step to flag you lol. This is open world game you don't want to pvp go xp where isn't anyone but if you good hunting spots you better either be willing to die or willing to defend them. Whole flagging thing is amateurish because most DD's can1 - 2 hit people who aren't ready for pvp.
  11. R110 +8 or higher dark/bloody set is now over 150 billion soooooooooo
  12. Mobile gaming is not a "top" end game no one buys a top of line "phone" to play a game. I know thats a little hard to believe. Please stop contradicting yourself. If you like playing mobile games then go play them and leave these forums alone and stop posting please.
  13. Let me see all modern games provide that: Call of Duty - No Total War - No Outriders - No Halo - No Gears of War - No Warcraft - No League of Legends - No Please tell us a top 10 game that provides that? Oh wait you can't this is not a mobile phone game just stop please.
  14. Its hey guys this is things you should of got in the Feb update lol
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