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  1. They final crossed the line from shady to criminal. In the US all games of chance (which this is) have to have legitimate prizes even if the probability to get them is low. If they include a prize that does not exist that is false misrepresentation of prizes and value and constitutes criminal fraud. As they have taken people's money and people have tried to work towards a goal that does not exist, think of it as them running a race that really has no finish line; it cannot be won.
  2. Few areas get overhauled in the next update not enough but eh its something. Beast Farm, VOS, and TOI further. Fafu and Dragon Valley get upgraded too.
  3. nope you should of been more careful is exactly what they are going to save. Since you did it yourself.
  4. How about 1 mechanic as a clan leader I only been asking for 17 years? Last login in time of a member? When clans were over 160 people that was a nightmare to manage but even at 70 its hard sometimes. You can see on your friend list last time they logged on why can't you see in clan? Also clan leader and officers should be able to see where any one login into clan is located; even if it was just the general area they login would be helpful especially if they get pked or killed in a war. Finally bring back quests and more raids that normal people can actually do? I mean raids
  5. I really getting tired of this guy trying to insult everyone who does not agree with him. I am too low to understand? I guess been playing this game for over 17 years and a clan leader just as long and moving in top levels of people on the server... You must be the only level 122 guy on our servers right? Master of all all knowing we all bow to your extreme glory lol
  6. I doubt anyone would ever agree with him Hyper because 4r4m is going to be missed greatly by the community for over a decade he has been invaluable source of information and I am one to see him sad to go but I understand it. Him combine with losing l2 wikipedia at the same hurts a lot. The fact there is no resources to understand in game content our website is just wow to think about it.
  7. How about all equipped items do not count towards your count? They can do that look at artifacts. Let me count real quick: 34 items not counting artifact book and artifacts. Since I am archer 1 extra item in inventory that isn't equipped a infinite quiver. Right there problem fixed lol 35 items out off the top and no has this issue anymore lol
  8. To get access to the rune stones he has to be in a clan to do the clan quest or he does not get the runes from leveling up. You will get 8 rune stones from the main clan quests. Find a quick leveling sub that uses same or similar gear and that to 105 so you can have 16 runes for your main account. If you have a decent clan they can direct you best ways to make money or invest in things that will make your toon better. However, there is a point where you need to decide to spend or hardly xp anymore. Its unfortunate but there is no such game in any zone that is really F2P because if it was
  9. There is a lot in the next update. Skill will be added for all classes from level 111 to 120 not just the re balancing of the mages and evis. Also they will be adding the elementing and augmenting to shields and sigils. Exalted quest part 7 that is completed at 115. Redone Hot Springs as the next party area after Sea of Spores as the level of Dragon Valley and Faffurion are being update to 124. TOi tower complete again with the addition of Baium. Baium is reserved for only the Aden and Rune castles if you read the patch notes not sure if will be carried over like that to
  10. Maybe replace the heavely scrolls with grand kains because most people spending adena on the game have at least +12 weapons. Grand kains would allow us to get our armours to +12 and weapons +20. Maybe let us buy bloody or dark stones with hero coins? I mean those things could be released to hero coins only and not tip the economy a bit but maybe lower the value those items from outrageous to something to work for people without hero coins.
  11. Unless you hit the lotto, you guys are arguing over what exactly? If your a full Defensive healer why the heck do you need more matk? Its like me as archer saying I wish I had better casting speed lol or more health lol This is almost silly. I got my gems after the first day on my main and its a quick few trillion xp for 10 minutes and some free emperors pots now for me unless I hit the lotto on one of those boxes lol.
  12. Wow can no one read what I wrote your comparing apples to oranges? Its like me you telling the gas price is going down and your saying but the price of Oranges is going up. SMH
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