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  1. I want to know if I can get my cash back for my unspent NC Coins there is zero in the shops that I would ever spend real money on now since they killed the ncstore so please let me know if you will be refunding purchases I am also about to shut off my prestige pack so not to spend another dime on this game.
  2. Yes he has 3 posts all are like that he just registered his account lol
  3. Connex you can't smell a troll when you see one.... Mods are asleep at the wheel it seems.
  4. What you mean it does not stack with the other talismans than what would be the point of it?
  5. If they wanted to slow down the top xp the could made the runes only usable for people 120 and below its effect would of slowed the people on top but allow the people below to catch up but hey who I am they are the smart ones
  6. no one is going to break 38 dragon weapons just for one piece to upgrade to Lgrade. 38 dragon weapons low end say 300 billion each = 11.4 trillion adena which more the cost of a level 3 dragon weapon so make zero sense +30 Weapon in addition is another trillion and like someone said the ether .... yea not going to happen even the top players think that is insane. Ask how many people ever actually upgraded a dragon weapon to the next level.... So if these don't come from raids or loot boxes you will never see them.
  7. 100% agree Gabby i do it every time I am going to attempt to enchant something that could break. If I do not get a straight answer I don't even try.
  8. 1. any member with privileges for the throne of heroes can start it but they must be the command channel leader dont have to be elite. 2. Not really sure Goldburg unlocks for level 9 clans Mary Reed unlocks for level 11 clans and Tauti unlocks for level 13. My clan completely overpowers Goldburg he is a one or two shot and Mary reed is usually dead before Zaken spawns. 3. Min to enter I believe is 2 parties totaling 7 people. You only get 1 chest spawn with 7 if you had 10 in the raid 2 chests spawn after you kill. All must be clan members I believe min level is 105.
  9. Please ignore Fell as he does not understand of what he speaks we have so many untradeable items bound to us most of us have no room on our toons or in our warehouses for things anymore; so I for one am not good with the non tradeable things and most people who played long enough aren't either.
  10. Draeke you been around long enough to know how this works. Korean Dev team does not care about us. If its not a problem in Korea they don't change anything. So unless people in Korea are complaining about the same thing it does not change. So whatever fluff they feed us here is just lip service because they don't even fix things they can fix like pricing and what comes out of boxes which is fully in their controls.
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