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  1. Nevermind try to find a OE r110 armour set is like finding a 4 leaf clover right now lol. Many people are stuck in r99 sets because they cannot make a set or buy one to upgrade too which is bed when you need more elemental and/or pdef because the mobs increased in damage so it is counterproductive for the game and servers.
  2. Use to be worse DE/LE couldn't change classes to opposite race, all Dwarf and Orc classes were locked except to other dwarfs and orcs and kamael classes were locked too. Things are better but L2 never moves quick unfortunately.
  3. Mixa states a lot of things like fact but is shown be wrong many times also.
  4. Core is not some magical land where all your L2 dreams come true. They get the same updates as us, they do not have some of the items we do and they might have things dragon weapons but they dont have cloaks so your trading one bag poop for another. Same poop just different smell. Problem with the game is developers not the producers.
  5. yea it will auto attack between macros, unfortunately Feoh can't lol
  6. Ok shadow snare is in your macro that is a targeted AOE. Sort of like archers Phoenix Arrow or Dagger Poison Swarm. All work in a macro but the first time through you have set it on the floor to where it should be target (it won't auto target). Also add in (space before)%C after each skill, if a skill is on cooldown in your macro it will skip it and go to the next line. See if that helps. So example /useskill massruin %c
  7. Valakas and Fafurion are the only the dragons that do exisit.... /SMH Does anyone even look at a map? Antharas and Lividior are hibernating. Antharas is only the instanced version at the moment.
  8. @AmbicijaPlease stop talking you are not an IT tech and no clue what your talking about. WiFi is no different than a wired connection if you have issues with your connection than there is interference in your house or your too far from the router and need a booster. Contrary to popular belief the construction of your home or building effects Wifi not what your connected to. In Steel building or concrete buildings with steel rebar, they are usually wifi boosters at certain distances or when there is a solid wall and they must maintain line of sight with each other. Learn a little more a
  9. Do you have +10 bloody Robes? R99 bloody robes are not very overpriced. Other than that your not setup horribly to return if you got 150 billion. If your looking to maximize damage pve wise: Artifact book level 3 filled even if its just +0 artifacts to trigger the bonuses which are big Clan belt level 2 is cheaper than ruler authority but really good for damage Stay away from cloaks right now too overpriced as a buy back in item. I say start with the robes, artifact book, clan belt maybe cost you 50 billion total for all that and see how your damage is and
  10. Not sure if you realize that unmatched ram and can slow or crash your Computer IE the 12 gig ram one. And not sure but you do realize those are two cheapest PC/Laptops out there and have horrible reviews and are used mostly for web browsing and simple office work. Before the last update i was running 3 clients and discord on a 8 gb high end laptop. Its your motherboard and processing power that is the issue it seems not the ram. My connection and lag issues is something on NCSoft side and they admitted that to me. Only laptop i upgrade to 16 gb ram was because I was video editi
  11. I am ghost sentential and I have hex passive on my bullseye. When the skill lands it adds the hex effect to the skill on the target. So for example my bullseye and mass bullseye have +11 hexes on them. So I get the -60% bow resistance debuff on my target and its lowers than pdef -5% on top of that. Now it does stack with other people's hexs also. So stay you have a stun with hex -5% and I hit with my bullseye with -5% then that target has -10% pdef. So hex is a debuff not a buff. On the flip side you have buffs that can be enchanted from buffers and healers, for example my Dom
  12. Ongoing Connectivity Issues – 2/10 - Page 5 - Live News & Announcements - Forums (lineage2.com)
  13. @RodahDo you even understand an EVI or how to play one. Obviously Extase does but I do not think you have a rented clue. My evi was fine could solo many areas before the last update, now I have to upgrade its armor and elemental defense for it to go back to those areas. Those macros were given to me by 114+ evi's so I guess you know more than them lol.
  14. @Jujione thing to have a free event, its completely another thing when the free event does not work properly. Please explain to us how it is even possible no one wins the hour? Several hours in a row mind you. Some the items being given away that no one wins are not even that great so why not let someone win them? Nevermind the people who are suppose to get 100 coins for entering are getting nothing to. I just want to be able to get some greater gems to play with till the end of month but I cannot even get 250 coins right not now nevermind the thousands it takes for a cats eye lol.
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