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  1. By a single message from them , you mean the video that was captured showing a whole top clan exploiting a jump at siege grounds on siege time where is absolutely not allowed and was posted on forums and and had like 200 posts in 1 hour? also what is worse than ban? also what happened in the video?
  2. no no don't use names!!! apparently THIS is the problem here.
  3. There might be a small glitch in the game. if you use it to gain advantage, you're exploiting. This is the very meaning of exploit. Siege grounds are by game rules an area you cannot jump to. There is this glitch in this particular spot, MS exploited this to be able to keep Aden castle. 100% exploit. 100% shameful.
  4. I mean....sure if I have to explain it to you buddy...during siege it is an inaccessible location to jump to. There you go buddy. :)))))))))))))
  5. Your words, your rules @Hime @Juji .Please follow them.
  6. UncooL


    Not married and making money on my own. Forced idealist is an idiotic term. Nobody can force ideas. Your choice to follow them. Not American but Londoner so Redneck does not apply Cheaters are in every MMORPG game. Been there for ever. I am workingm having social life and still enjoying the game with my cp without burning money. I have made adena by doing market, so have my playmates. Really not that hard Enjoy your amazing way to play. This is my last reply to you since I cannot bother anymore. ppl like you dont have a long shelf life in the game anyway
  7. Cruma Tower used to be (and still is) one of my favourite places. This is a suggestion on revamping the place as below: Cruma Tower will provide two different instances within the location. At the 3rd basement there will be a pvp allowed farming instance, while at the 2nd basement will be a pvp enforced instance that will end in 1st basement against the Raid Boss Core. Check image link below: https://imgur.com/PU9eAhh 2nd Basement: Requirements: 2* 7ppl parties Description: · Each party will start from spots “*” and will not be able to reach each
  8. UncooL


    1.I've been pk'd once for xp spot. Came back later pk'd back and took the spot again. Did not spend money just to get items for that. This seems kinda manic 2.Sure you did not make the strategy to squeeze money, but you follow it AND recommend it to others as the new norm. This is your fault only 3. I have been a l2 player since 2006. I find it really odd that people are ok to throw money on a toon just because they got pk'd and think that acquiring items effortlessly, will make them OP. You may buy all the items in the world. You cannot buy fingers and/or mechanics knowledge 4.
  9. Could you ease up with the p2w events for a bit and get us free events that everyone would enjoy?
  10. UncooL


    I have no idea what a redneck has to do with anything but sure, If your idea of good advice and not scaring ppl away from the game is to tell them to spend $10k right from the start, then buddy, you should rethink what good advice means. My advice to anyone playing anything,is to not spend mindlessly money and play the game 1st, with a character that they think they will enjoy. Get all the info you can about characters, but dismiss the dudes that tell you that you need to pay the equivalent of a car for pixels. It will take you a lot more time, sure, but you will get to truly play th
  11. UncooL


    what the actual ****!! If anyone has given that much money in a game it's really sad. You don't need to spend that much money. To be honest, you don't need to spend much if you want to actually play the game as intended. To spend a ridiculous amount of money totally defeats the purpose of the game, which is PLAYING it. If you want to do something NOW NOW NOW , then this is not the right game for you. Lineage2 is a heavy p2w game, but it requires time (a lot of it), good investments and mechanics knowledge. It is worth playing any character you like. Farming comes in many ways (m
  12. Hello fellow GMs and community, As we all know, L2 has become a heavily pay to win game. Lineage2 was never a fair game, but it would always give you the option to be able to farm items, if you were in a top clan/ally and/or have your cp. This happens today as well but, let's be honest, all top items and even ingredients for them are being currently acquired mostly (if not only) through events, that require an idiotic amount of money and have turned a hardcore MMORPG into an online casino game. This does probably work in Korea, where the mentality is p2w. But in the West? In the comp
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