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  1. If there was any GM presence, they could give 5 bans per minute if they visited the main spots. Instead they try to stop the bots with some funny protection which gets bypassed by some 10yo Russian kid in 2 days and NCsoft is like "oh well at least we tried" and give themselves a participation award.
  2. Lol, people trying hard not to pass level 45 so they can kill the same mobs over and over again to stack up the XP scrolls is I believe not exactly the best kind of intention
  3. Where can you get this? It says it's a daily quest but it doesn't show anything. Chef's Fish Stew Box
  4. I can't stop laughing, this clown fiesta has no endings. "Level cap is 70" *players reach 71* "jokes on you we meant content is capped at 70" *players learn 71+ skills* "hah you get fooled again we meant PvE is capped at 70" *players find RBs 70+* "you're a idiots" I was upset when they screwed up everything they could but now every new post is a comedy gold
  5. I'd say Warlord + active recharger (EE or SE), if you can get a box then WC. Making trains is just infinitely faster than single target farming, and with this setup you should be able to get some basic farming done.
  6. I watched the stream and not sure if I'm the only one, but to me it felt like @Juji looked tired and disappointed the whole time, as if he knew the game is not something he expected... I wouldn't put the blame on him, there're people higher in the hierarchy which care about profits more than about people... Pretty sure if it was only up to @Juji, the game would've looked different, but there're greedy mouths to be fed which we don't see...
  7. Nono I might've worded it poorly, the features I mentioned are from the OFFICIAL server in Korea... I know it's crazy but since the servers have 10k+ online it's apparently fun, so I wouldn't mind trying it out As for the illegal server... It has around the same activity as Aden, just most people are 60+ in clans and CPs so the early levels are lonely outside of EU primetime... IIRC Innova (European offic) tried to fight it in past, but all that happened was that it was forced to change it's domain (they probably had "Lineage" in domain previously or something)... Not sure if it's even
  8. A PvP-oriented version of Classic. Released in Korea already and it's extremelly popular there - the online there has passed 12k at one point. Here are some of the features (copied from MXC) Concentrated hunting grounds (no more spending 97% of time running and 3% attacking mobs) - less NPCs in total so server can easily handle 10k+ online NPC buffers in hunting grounds Allied NPCs in hunting grounds (healing you, attacking mobs without XP penalty) GM shop with literally everything GM buffers in towns with 7h full buffs One-click class change Global te
  9. Gludio + Aden merge asap please! Before more people leave... Don't take another weeks to make this decision, yesterday was too late. @Hime @Juji
  10. Not 100% sure but I feel like the game has problem dropping Q items generally if you kill the mob in one hit... So if you're farming those Gremlins, try to hit him with attack once and then finish with wind strike.
  11. I'm starting to feel they have some kind of contract with either the adena sellers to recieve a cut or with illegal server because that server right now is basically superior in almost every conceivable way. Hopefully they'll bring Bloody Classic asap.
  12. The problem is lack of will to solve the problems... Still a lot of people on the server... Once there's nobody but bots, fishers and hardcore whiteknights, because everyone moved to l2classic club, things will start moving
  13. The best thing is that they probably starting to feel like people protest the crooked rates less and less... Maybe because more and more people leave to illegal server or quite L2 completely Don't forget to delete my post because I dared to disagree with the rates
  14. That's the saddest part - there were probably real 5k+ on each Talking Island and Giran when it started, and even though many would've left naturally because Classic isn't for them, there still could've been more than double the active players we have right now if NCsoft didn't take so many wrong steps. But in short, it required two main things: 1. Hire more GMs to guard the main spots. Pay them overtime, too. If the GMs are active enough and botters need to make new chars every few hours, many of them would've just given up. Sure there'd still be some, but it wouldn't be such a botfest i
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