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  1. Yes, you are definitely right! We are all experiencing a lot of players quitting from the server in those days. The ones that are left have to keep an entire PT running to survive. Most of the complaints I´ve heard are related to the lack of will. There´s nothing to do. We were expecting some changes with the update, but those particular issues mentioned above keep happening, and it is not a difficult thing to solve. It just requires the attention of your GMs. It was supposed to be a Classic server after all...
  2. I definitely agree!! More than 2 months of spending hours to reach the necessary number!! I had 2 or 3 to go, and after the update, it turned to 0... starting from scratch, really?! I hope NCS recognize this as a bug and fix it!!! This affects a lot of players, especially our will to keep doing it!!
  3. We would like to express our condolences on the passing of Marcio Hattori (aka Massivo). Massivo was a great enthusiast of this game and really contributed to us all by sharing his knowledge through his channel. We all deeply sorry for his loss and offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends in this sorrowful time. Massivo will be always remembered by every Brazilian player as a gentle player who not only loved L2 but who was also responsible for bringing most of us back together, as players, as family, as friends. For this, we will always thank and remember Massivo
  4. once NC can track if an item was restored or not, they certainly can track those itens stolen by this player, don’t they? it would be really nice to make every effort as possible to solve situations like this! It damages our trust in this game. Do we have to give up on playing it? Not only we do have to coexist with bots and now this? there is technology enough nowadays to solve this!! as players we can also help each other by playing it fair and helping to identify chars with this kind of behavior. Everyone can be the next.
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