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  1. I know it may seem like a strange questions, but I see so many bots on the server, doing the same thing for so many days that I wonder, has the use of bot on the server been released, is it official? I ask why I think it is impossible for this to happen that way freely, someone is benefiting from it.Who?
  2. any feedback on what we talked about? @Hime hi!! Are you going to list everything and check the possibilities of correction? Will you give us feedback on that?
  3. I realize today that who plays l2, has some points of view: * plays to be strong, to be top of the server. --- This is probably an adena buyer. ingame offers abound in trade sites. --- Or he has 9 more chares that are farming somewhere to support the principal. --- They rule the game map, monopolize everything --- you can't be strong if you don't buy adenas / items (and who wins with that?) * People who play l2 because they like the game --- Of course people who are former players, have been playing for over 10 years, some want to be strong on the top of the server, plus some play for fun. --- Fun that almost does not exist, because if you play with a char only you do not find PT active to participate, there are no more announcements of char wanting PT, there are no more PT open to do daily, now one person represents 10 chars in the game and do everything yourself. AutoHunting + Macro = 1 player 10 AFK chars * People who love RPG, games and interactivity (At first, I played my character's interpretation.) --- These are practically getting old on the server, you don't think 1 pt full, that has a player, almost rare, all afk. There is a lot of wrong, plus the faith in the solutions, it is ending. : / a thought about blatant error. Ridiculous the castle of Giran, control the trade of the whole map. It liberates all the castle or conditions the dominance of Giran over his lands only, not this joke that it is today. You want to rule the whole map, Master ADEN. Seriously, there is a lot to fix, a lot, which has been said for a long time, worsen CHAR, Clan, Mob, etc. Great truth is that today only two groups are happy with the game: * Who sells adena for money * Who buys a lot of adena.
  4. Please give a feeedback on what is being said.
  5. My opinion is that Bots farms are the cancer of the server, it even raises the question what is the best way to generate income, selling VIP or selling adenas? Honestly this server is emptying more and more. And I don't see things happening, the famous post "Fix Server" is still very valid today. What they did in abandoned camp was horrible: they flattened the area for bots, and facilitated the inclusion of bots. Please stop making changes to help the bots. Look at players and not at bots, value people. In a meeting with the players of my clan, to see what they are going to do a lot of people are sad about the server. Only those who buy a lot of adena, who dominates RB are calm, why does this still occur? Because we see bots lowering their level 24/7 and nothing happens to them, even after 1 week committing suicide to continue farm low lvl. Isn't there a gm that can log in and be invisible and follow some players / bots? I got tired of hearing that they sell vacancies in PT to kill some RB, that to end Zakem's quest, he has to pay Adenas for the "owner of the boss" clan. Really complaining, giving suggestions and not seeing the improvements is tiring. Without a doubt, I prefer the time when mobs were aggressive and helped each other, there were few bots at that time. Mobs could return to the original.
  6. Fix evasion

    that; if you are not going to be just sumoner horse on the server: /
  7. Adena Farming is a Cancer - CRUMA

    The things that happen in the game seem to lead players to abandon L2. This is too trisate. We need to value players, to value active players. or you don’t have a 100% autohuinting or 100% bot server. I complained about that too. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19428-l2-fix-hope/ sad what has been happening, the more we need to hope that it will improve.
  8. L2 Fix HOPE

    "Server seems to be in the domain of boots,..." Bots correct. Sorry
  9. L2 Fix HOPE

    L2 Fix Hope @Juji @Hime, hi, Hi all. Initially I opened a ticket stating my opinion, they suggested bringing the topic to the forum and listening to more people, please give your opinions on what I will comment on: * Boots Server seems to be in the domain of boots, everywhere you go, there are boots scattered, and I'll be very clear I don't mean Auto-hunting, I understand that I use it myself. But my complaint about the boots starts in Ruin of agonis, I honestly thought the attitude of changing the quest from 300 mobs to 15 was horrible, without a doubt I understood that, do the quest right away and leave the bots there to farm. I know that the intention may have been the best, to facilitate the gameplay of those who are human, but it seemed more like: I can't solve the bots, so the quest ends soon. To understand, to see the bots in operation, just spend about 20 minutes in the game, and you will see the boots moving around in the warehouses storing items, teleporting to their farm locations, it is not difficult to identify them. * Game economy Boots - farm Adenas, then sell, few players with more income $ or financial freedom, equip themselves like gods and dominate the map, the prices of the items are unfair to normal players who play by the rules. Who benefits from this, from this illegal adena trade? Why does this continue to happen so blatantly, yes chares send pm as soon as you arrive in Giran, aden or some other city, business websites are announced, sales of items for real currency are made. Whoever loses with all this, normal players, who try to keep VIP1 or 2 in their cards in order to win at least teleport scrolls to spin, as it already generates a mega economy. And how much is ncSoft losing from it? * Abandoning the server Yes, Economy is rubbish, Boots everywhere, 1 or another clan dominates the server, nobody can do anything, neither RB because whoever does it, is at an unreachable level for 90% of the server's players, where does it all lead? Abandoning the server for a long time I have seen people leave the server. I know that many go to illegal servers, because in these there is a more stable economy, p2w is declared and everyone knows, and they get equipped as they pay for it, here we had the hope of winning, more winning as if a char or a single clan kills all bosses? * Grade unevenness I was a player of Lineage1, it was fantastic to make pts and go exploring the map, hunting, we completed each other (among our skills) in the places we went. In the L2 it was like that in the beginning we formed Pts according to the place we wanted to go, today you only see Pt on horseback, or Kamael archer, two classes superior to the others and in many characteristics. There are no scenarios to go hunting in active Pt, because there are no necropolis / catacombs that are not dominated, when it is pt in autohunting ok, more and when you arrive at a necropolis and see that the whole is occupied by characters of a single "player "I was expelled from one because the same person occupied all the rooms. Fact if it goes around he sells everything from any RB and necropolis / catacombs items. * Day to day server Everything I said has many implications for the game: To own a clan hall, you need to bid, if it is a better offer, stay with the clan and pay the weekly fees to maintain. More like a clan will surpass a clan of boots in its offers? How not to see the boots unburdened 3 days in a row, or a week, all it took was a gm to log in invisibly and look at the map, go to some places that he would see very easily the boots moving, killing themselves, why not punish the IP of connection, accounts? Up char, our remember when I started it took almost 1 year to reach 78, today a person who starts playing in 10 days 30 days at most reaches 80, literally today we have few players who suffered to level up who still play, and in the vast majority left, and the few we have are new players, which leads me to the reason that there is no concern to keep players on the server, as it gets easier and easier (more like Live) and with player switching cycles. why not have stable players and more and more players, this strategy is not better? I am from a time when SS was activated manually, today we have many facilities, but how many of them do not interfere? I was thrilled when exploring new areas, because I never knew who was going to hit me from monsters, today there are literally no more aggressive, those who have so few to explore the map, almost lost their sense I think this is sad. I wonder if if the monsters were as aggressive as they were before, would so many boots be needed? I believe that the game needs hope, yes, hope that a lot will be achieved, hope that the cycle of changing players is no longer the focus, hope for equality for all. Undoubtedly I respect the work of the developers / staff and I prefer to pay a monthly fee and play on an egalitarian server, than to play free of charge on a server that the game economy is directly affected by the illegal trade in items. I am sure that there are more things that I didn’t mention here that directly affect the functioning of the server, it would be great to expose them. I hope that more people can comment on what I said and maybe our voices can be heard by Staff.
  10. Buff GM for Respect!

    Indeed, many are in some way on working hours, I myself am a teacher coordinator and I was in a conference, via meet with 28 teachers. Yesterday I managed to get the coffee break. Please: D make one more appointment
  11. Do you think about commitment / dedication and simply disappear? It really needs to be seen, something like that cannot have been intentional, there must have been some mistake. @Juji what do you think, would it be possible to fix this?
  12. Ruins of Agony

    As you are very kind, in calling them players, I think they are all bot, and the problem exists in other places. If it was Auto-hunting with manner on, OK It was easier to decrease the number of mobs in the quest than to ban the Bots' IP range.
  13. Paper hero - Golem L2 / 3D file

    my work Casemod/Animatronic Casemod/Animatronic
  14. Paper hero - Golem L2 / 3D file

    Paper hero - Golem L2 Hello everyone. A few years ago NCSoft launched an award in celebration of l2's birthday, which was a paper hero of Golem, does anyone have this file in PDF, I want to make a Casemod for my wife and I don't find this file. I am very grateful if someone has and can share
  15. Unfortunately active players, suffer a lot on the server because of player Bots, real bots do not refer to afk player (autoHunting), these are still tolerant (with manned on). However, bots not only destroy the game economy, but if you think about it they take away the opportunity for players to have things like Clan Hall. I am progressively saddened by this on the server as well. Bots farm Adenas, manage the game economy, and hinder all gameplay by active players. it was enough for a GM to walk around the map and he would see the bots teleporting, dying, going to ClanHall, going back to the same place and continuing to upload 1000% bot, things so simple to see when we are in the game, but they are still there. I know that a lot of people will not agree with my sentence below, but it is my opinion: _ I prefer to be able to open a single window per computer, than to see so much, so much bot on the server. I know that the number of players logged in would drop by 60% at least, more people would be controlling the characters again and not bots. I remember when I played and played RPG in the game, a time that never comes back. Or do it alone. About Bots, there are better ways to resolve this issue, reducing the number of monsters in the initial quest was a shame, as it seemed to say: We can't remove the bots, but the quest is easier now. (from Ruins of agony)