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  1. OK thank you! I will pay attention to the points I have been defending.
  2. That's the wonder of having freedom of opinion. But I would like to know what I'm talking about, which point do you disagree?
  3. In which place, you warned of the changes that would be in the clan: * Removal of buff by logged in leader * Removed Clan chest/ Clan Buff (benefits related to logged in clan players) That's serious, what do you want to do with classsic? It would have more dignity for you to warn that you are going to turn it off, than to keep destroying the game. You are trying so hard to do so many things wrong. Where is the: * Individual quests, clan quests * Pets *PK punitive system * Dwarves restored to their glory. * Updated antbot system and effective punishmen
  4. I fully agree with you! They are striving to make a bad name, or one of dubious nature.
  5. Again I repeat. It's a common opinion, those who play lineage2 play because they like to remember, like L2's initial proposal, why is it so difficult to offer players a real Classic game? * Individual Quests * Clan Quests * PK System, Punitive; * Antbot system (always active/updated); * Restore the honor of dwarves, crafting good items, being able to craft SS, among other things, * COMMUNICATION IN FORUM ATIVA, it only depends on the staff to communicate and participate in the discussions looking for improvements to the server. * Functional map, I only saw the area removed,
  6. Autohunting is confirmation that the game has nothing to do. And the thing only gets worse as lvl increases. I've been giving suggestions for almost 2 years, for staff to save the game, but I don't know if that's their goal, because the forum is ignored by them. I also have good memories of L2, the chronicles were very good, the pet quests, we had things to do in the game. Today there's nothing to do and the staff doesn't do anything on the forum, nor does it establish a dialogue with the players. I still have hope in the Game.
  7. Over a year. Nothing from the Staff to comment on everything that was said here. Yes they implemented an atbot at 1 month +/- but the Bots came back with everything, and we wondered why was the antbot disabled, or why? Staff, are you who do not respond to us on the forum, do not display your opinions. If we open tickets, one of the default responses is to use the forum, what use? If all the things we observe here warn us that they are wrong they are ignored. If I give up on L2, it won't be the game, it'll be that staff. If I give up on l2 NA, I will no doubt look for a
  8. Still missing talking about PK Today Pk are mostly farm bot owners and are still benefited, as PK has no punishment. Pk has to be punished Karma doesn't have to have a limit, it's a result of the chaotic actions of the char. Today pk system is a joke, and a bad joke.
  9. I'm going to point out a few things here and hope that both the Staff ( @Hime@Juji @Sunshine) and the players can interact: * Bot use is again everywhere on the server. - From bots, in farm areas; - Bots benefiting from the event (taking specific things from the ground) - bots that for years fed chars that are now top server, and everyone knows who owns many bots, except the staff, which takes me to another point. * Staff absence in the forum, or even interaction/response to much that is said in the forum, ie we expose opinions, suggest improvements and just abandonment. I ha
  10. It's really hard. I only give suggestions thinking about improving the server, pointing out some mistakes, or things that can improve and attract players. But what I have achieved is the staff's total abandonment to everything I say.
  11. And the other inconveniences I've been reporting for a long time, any opinions?
  12. I agree with you! I still struggle, because I believe the classic can still be saved. But I confess that I'm on the verge of losing faith in this staff. In my view the biggest problem with the server is the Staff. They could move a little and try to make some improvements, not even the antbot they are updating anymore
  13. I'm going to start using other social networks to point out server/staff errors.
  14. @Juji What about all the problems the server has, about everything I've been talking exhaustively about for 2 years? Server filled with bots again, PK rules (keep helping Pks when they will be punished for dropping items) In the forum we noticed a total abandonment. Lack of communication.
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