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  1. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    @Juji and @Hime I know about the work done on the server, I admire it. However, today we live in a reality in which the server seems to lead the player to buy adenas. Why not turn this into a way for NCSoft to win and not for salespeople (considering they have no relationship with NCSoft) every day there are chars announcing the sale of adenas, just stay in any city and receive messages. If there is an intention to curb or prohibit the sale of ads, should not these advertisers / ip be banned? Or will we continue with the Bots saga for another 15 years? I would definitely like an answer. A transparent and frank communication makes the forum the best communication tool and not one of imposition.
  2. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    Doesn't anyone think it's unfair that a single castle generates taxes in all cities?
  3. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    the game is changing, no doubt people are profiting from this game economy. It's becoming Paytowin, but the question is is NCSOFT gaining anything from this trade? Who is winning from this?
  4. I believe that everyone who is here on the forum, is because they believe in the communication channel, for all the senses. I've been playing for a long time. However, I have only recently joined the forum. I follow the server and I have always noticed that the game is made for High level, in itself most things have a greater impact for the stronger ones. Okay, I haven't said anything new so far. But my doubts: 1. Adenas, is the game going to have a reasonable minimum, sustainable rate for SS and Potions? Or is there a movement to motivate players to buy adenas, from bots? 2. When an event is implemented, did the developers not test it before? how is it possible to implement an event with bugs on items like weapons or others? 3. I realize that people, even with so many difficulties, some people remain in the game / forum for many believe that things will improve. I would like to know if there is an idea that you have recovered the prestige that Classic really had at the beginning of the game, a reason that brought so many players back. 4. The great feeling we have is that you try to make the most of as little gameplay as possible, so that players leave the server, is that your intention? When in doubt if I am saying something wrong, see how many bugs were posted on the forum, how many people questioning and looking for a solution to the errors presented, it is not difficult to see how things went wrong in the last 15 days. 5. Why does the character PK still seem to be so well received by the game platform, because his punishments are no longer severe, why can a character lvl 78 kill a character lvl20? Thanks for the work and I just make my observations looking to help improve the game and its gameplay. @Juji and @Hime
  5. Improved a lot, even in the last few days. But I still see a lot of bots.
  6. Please do something about Adena

    It is difficult to maintain, as you said the areas of drop adenas, dominated by Bots, so I ask if the intention of the GM is to encourage trade in adenas, because all the facts seem to point to this strategy. Improve the rate and drop areas on the whole map, it seems difficult, ok, free up the drop areas for real players. Or one thing or the other. It creates a popup system like it had in the past, the player confirms by the pop-up that it is active there, if DC does not answer.
  7. Unfortunately, the bot identification system didn't work, they banned you, but the dungeons were still full of bots, and elsewhere. A Gm could be logged on the server, and go to some points and identify where the bots are, it is very easy to find them. Hopefully they'll repair the damage you've done.
  8. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    I'm quite sure that the game economy was undoubtedly a bit lunatic. You can't sell basic materials, After a certain level it becomes evident that you will not survive /up if you cannot invest adenas in potions or SS. These adenas will come from where, a drop of 1 or 2 hours in most places does not pay GK one way. Then pay SS and Pocoes, alas with the miracle of dropping an entire item. (peculiarly I play, I had little luck) The monopoly of some dungeons has not passed through the bot detector, that is, it is still almost impossible to find a Dungeon without Bot. The question remains, what happened to the Adenas, how do you keep a character? I hear many talk about making char low lvl for farm, sorry I want to play with 2 char no 20. And today I realize that these 2 are not paid, minimum costs like SS and wells. Not to mention quests that in the end do not pay GK cost (high lvl) If there is a movement to encourage the sale of adenas, look they are doing it perfectly.
  9. Player Português procura Clan PT/BR

    Por favor manda PM para Casemonstro ou Dreyfuz

    Another thing, basic economics, selling drop items, parts, is gone. How to survive without being able to generate minimum adenas with drops

    The game economy is unbearable. I can't make adenas, there is a quest that the prize gets to be less than that spent on teleportation. Some are even unbelievable. Other quests 1 in 1 million to give something good, questionable quests like that exist. The economy would need to be revised, you do not earn enough to replace the cost of SS.
  12. Couples who play, together for many years, should receive at least some clothes, from marriage (transformation). I play with my wife, L2 for 14 years. I just can't up first Sad, my 12 year old son doesn't like L2.
  13. Fix PK system pls

    The Pk should drop more items after being killed. It should be impossible for PK to obtain a GM buff or any other prize within the Game. Pk with a difference of 10 lvl should not give pk on chars with a difference of -10lvl
  14. @Hime thank you very much, for the information. Cost of basic materials, for sale in the store will come back?
  15. So no macro?

    Thank you, @Juji. I have been following the post continuously, and your interaction and readiness to give an answer are manageable, it would be horrible people talked so much about mistakes and not having an answer, congratulations. I would like to suggest to list here all the errors that were reported, because in our daily clan, I hear about several errors, and I didn't see an official list with all of them. ( @Juji, the pets go back l2? wolf, baby gougar etc)