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  1. @Hime Hello! Undoubtedly this maintenance is very long, is this related to last week's bug, where mobs stopped respawning (mobs, summons)? Or can we expect something new soon in Classic?
  2. Statistically speaking, event to burn adenas. Because so far no one has won 3 Star items. Besides that we have 1200 characters Online, it averages 200 pts. Only 1 or 2 star awards come out. And there's still a lot of awards left. Items 1 Star we have 4750 Items 2 star we have 223 To release the 3 Star award for what we've seen so far, it will only come out when the 3 and 2 star items run out. In order for these prizes to come out, you need to come out before the 4973 items. Chances of this happening, with a farm that doesn't guarantee so much adena for the vast maj
  3. Yes i Love Gundans!!! But look at this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMEMg0QobQ4
  4. OK @Juji what do you guys think about this whole period that the Server was bugged? Thanks
  5. I almost never participated in Olympics, and when I did, the clan member with char Cat couldn't be summoned to gain buff.
  6. More than 6 hours already, no monsters.
  7. @Juji @Hime Server Bug now.
  8. Locations are empty of mobs. Where there are Mob, when they die they stay on the floor and don't disappear. It is not possible to summon anything.
  9. A suggestion. The idea of the Christmas event giving clothes is fun, more because these armors, could be enchanted especially during the event and that way we used the costume in the UP. Think about it for the end of this year. "Even though the costume was 15 days, when Cristmas Armor++".
  10. I will be brief and very objective pointing out real things that are the reality of the classic, and raising some questions at the end. maps quests Pk System Dwarves Bots/Scripts Events All that I listed, are problems, are wrong things that need to be improved or even the discernment of who defines some things on this list. I say this like PK, which does not accumulate Karma, does not drop items, I did not receive punishment for being a criminal, because here in Classic the crime is supported by the staff, including the use of bots/scripts for Pk characters. (only it is not
  11. A Merry Christmas to all of you and extended to the Family. --- About L2, I hope that in 2022 you guys change some rules in the game, PK is a crime and has to be punished/drop item, and infinite Karma
  12. If you get an error with a windows msg, full of texts you can be sure in 90% of cases it's a corrupt file there you can ask to check again, or even if necessary rename the system folder inside l2 to sistem_old, open the launcher and ask for check the files.
  13. In my opinion: *Quests * Classic Pets *Functional Pk system (Pk has to be punished and is not today) * More dynamic events (in both free play and p2w cases) *Save the dwarves, return to value this race that was replaced by Random craft
  14. What would you like, or would you think would help a lot to improve the lineage 2 classic in 2022? Which attracts more players, and keeps them playing longer term.
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