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  1. Full inventory

    Inventory message full even with the bag with 40% only, it is not possible to trade, or even get a reward.
  2. Server Fix !

    Do you believe there will be an answer, or are you feeling abandoned about all that has been questioned. A long time ago, many things were said and nothing was officially said about it, few changes were noticed in the game. Is there hope for this Post, for us?
  3. Server Fix !

    I blocked several, some bothered me just reading the name. Others for their small talk I was a hero for 1 week, I must have used the 4x chat
  4. Server Fix !

    Despite the lack of updated positioning, on the part of Staff, yes in the players we still await, schedule, answers, as this cannot be, unless it is the objective to harm players.
  5. Server Fix !

    Gentlemen, players and Staff. Post has 11 pages over 18 thousand views, people from the 2 servers waiting for answers. A lot of people are relying on this post to define if they continued or not playing, the importance of this post is greater than NcSoft imagines, and without a doubt the lack of positioning of you on everything that was said here, makes us very sad and this is the big time for responses, change schedules to be applied. Please @Juji @Hime do not leave us unanswered, if you need to argue the suggestions given, we can speak about each suggestion, so that they are well analyzed and applied. More leaving us with no answers, it is worse, we already live on some impositions and having everything that was said here ignored, will hurt the server a lot. I have noticed some changes, I am grateful for them, but having answers here transparent for everyone would be wonderful.
  6. There are several bots on the Server, I hope veils are punished, but to punish players, is to drive the server to its end.
  7. Almost 1 month has passed, and my account is still banned, without having done anything wrong. Please review your banning tool, turn the button to Bots and not Active Player. Waiting for proof of my ban, waiting to see bots truly banned and players free from chase. As I said, I give access to my computers, because I'm sure there's nothing wrong.
  8. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    What about the claims, nothing yet?, https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17129-server-fix/
  9. Server Fix !

    GM's @Hime @JujiNcSoft team, is there any answer there are deadlines? Is there any estimate? Or should we feel abandoned? I am fully convinced that we are being consistent in our speeches, in our arguments, but we feel unanswered.
  10. Server Fix !

    Without a doubt we have a problem in Classica, either in Giran or TI. Outside Bots, outside Domain areas, we want more players and less bots. "Save Classic"
  11. Server Fix !

    I love to play lineage2, I have been playing for a long time. I am a very positive and optimistic person, 2 more recent things are discouraging me a lot: * Ban on 1 account of mine and 4 of my wife, they accused us of having made illicit use of programs, they were never able to prove it, I allowed access to our computers for analysis and proof of innocence, we were just ignored. Yes, I see a lot of bots every day dominating different areas of the game, if you level up next, PK appears and kills you. * Game economy, revolves around people who can buy adenas, adenas sold by the owners of the many active and unpunished bots on the server. Item prices revolve around an economy driven by Bots, not the economy for all players, designed by NcSoft. Honestly, very discouraged with things, sad about it, my clan, the number of active players decreased, not even in disagreement the people enter anymore, I believe that this happened in several clans, will Giran survive until the age of 16? *** Sorry for the outburst, but the only thing that excites me today is to think that this post will get an answer, and that things will improve, I hope this happens before a total discouragement.
  12. Server Fix !

    I am very happy to know that these questions have been addressed. Really now await the transparency of the resolutions. Thank you.
  13. Server Fix !

    With respect and politeness, we ask and suggest. We would like to be duly answered. With all that has been said so far about this post, the various suggestions given here, claims made, could NCSoft and the GM team give a more objective answer, say what can, what will be answered, of these requests?
  14. Server Fix !

    Hello @Juji and @Hime! Undoubtedly a lot was said here, many players spoke up, but we are all waiting for an answer, we are waiting to be heard and answered, we are waiting for deadlines, we are waiting to see that NCSoft is moving to "save Classic". Please answer us. **Please don't ignore us.**
  15. Server Fix !

    Without a doubt, PK should be penalized, as mentioned. Extremely discouraging "domain, monopoly of areas by bots" without a doubt the players feel affected by this, PK and Bots. For a long time we have had difficulty obtaining adenas fairly. Fee for a castle to be present on every map, super unfair. Bans, from honest player accounts and a lot of active bot in the game yet. ****** Utopia, I already said that: We could have a Chronicle and fix that chronicle and not update it anymore, just fix, Classic Classic