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  1. Unfortunately I also believe that nothing will be done, that no answer will be given. As we have talked a lot among friends, we do not believe that Bots are so benefited without there being a win for everyone involved, this seems to be the truth. Use of the forum, is losing its meaning, when it is not believed in the Staff.
  2. Great considerations. Several considerations were made here, I would very much like your opinion about what was said here! @Hime @Juji
  3. Different considerations were made here, I would very much like your opinion about the Dwarfs @Juji @Hime.
  4. Rescue things from the real classic and around here. Pets, quests, prizes, There is a lot of monster quest just occupying the memory of the server and does nothing in the game.
  5. I have already made several posts giving innumerable suggestions for improving the server, this is a suggestion, make an event for people, events where there is a real possibility of gain, not the trick of the "little box that shines", tricky effect and bad prize. Do something that favors real people playing. Will NcSoft ever come up with an event for real players, not bot, or even macro? I know that the server has been favored by bot, but will NCSoft intend to keep real players on the server? Some may say that I am exaggerating, but stop to think, planning "Abandoned camp" favo
  6. Despite not having any kind of answer, I ended up getting the Golem, and I will work on it, when ready I will post the photos of how I built it. Thanks to Rafael P Braga for the help. Who wants to know your channel https://www.youtube.com/c/rafapbraga
  7. This post is not so long ago. and what has changed since his creation, nothing literally, because in practice the benefits to chaotic players continue. Favoritism to bots continues, more as I said: "In the players there can be few in relation to the number of bots, the more our opinion must be heard" I still hope that the staff will listen to us and give transparent feedback on things. Or else you close the server and hand over the key to half a dozen children who seem to want to dominate the server.
  8. This problem started with the update on the 10th of the current month. it was 14 days with this problem. Complaints began on the 11th. There are many other complaints, as important as this one. "Transparency" in what happens, is not a defect in the game, but a question of attitude. too much, thanks.
  9. Will we have any kind of response to everything we say here? @Hime @Juji What we ask for is transparency in things, that you talk, listen to us, we play, we look for ways to make the l2 experience better. "In the players we are important, even if not in a number as big as the number of boots on the server".
  10. I don't really know what happens, L2 coin and adenas was horrible. Will there be a "half the double" event when they fix this? Sorry, more certain changes cannot go unnoticed, unless Nc Soft believes that we players would be foolish not to notice. How long to fix this, how long for you to be transparent in the updates, how long for you to really hear us about our tips / suggestions?
  11. The correct question would be: Does anyone want to identify and punish? Undoubtedly these bots hinder the game a lot.
  12. There is a lot that was said at the Forum, which needs attention, it would be possible to detail what will be corrected next week, so that we can follow up and without a doubt continue asking for the other changes.
  13. I'll repeat what I said on twitter Ok, unforeseen events can occur, 2 restart. However in the forum, we have many requests for correction, any feedback about it?
  14. It would be perfect to have points which are being discussed, as we have raised so many things that need to be improved.
  15. I fully agree with you. As I said in other posts, many people play for nostalgia, for the good memories of the beginning of the l2, and honestly do not care about these updates that bring the classic sense to Live. We prefer a fixed version, running 100% and period. Adjust one thing here and there and there. Now dragging classic towards becoming a live is the worst choice for taking action. Why, don't you listen to us? And it gives a true return to what we say. @Juji @Hime
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