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  1. I am seeing many threats persecution, in the declared server. Unfortunately this is what you Nc Soft are doing with the server. today 07/10/2021 I already read for ethnicities in the chat of the server, and without a doubt I believe that this happens, because you support existence of PK, benefit chars Bots of farm, that take all the fun of the game. Congratulations, if the idea is to kill the Classic before the age of 3, it can continue like this. PK should not have any privileges. ----- In case any GM is thinking of answering me saying: print screen opens ticket, sorry,
  2. Without a doubt there is a lot of useful information in this post that can bring great improvements to the server. This time I will not suggest improvement, I will be very objective, and I will ask two questions: PK / PVP system, mainly PK, with the rules that the server applies, who is it to benefit? Could @Juji or @Hime answer that for me? I ask this because I spoke to over 40 players and everyone, unanimously, feels that PKs are benefited, when they should be punished. This protection, support to the PK has tired players a lot, get ready for another wave of players leaving
  3. Hello. Since the beginning of the event, in which the drop rate of items should improve, in fact it seems to be the opposite, did anyone else notice this?
  4. The logic is horrible. 1. You cannot sell scrap anymore in the city 2. To use these same items at craft points, you have to pay for it 3. If you are going to create a Craft random item, you pay even more. 4. Of the 90% of the items that are crafted in Randow craft, most do not pay what you have invested in adenas, to get points and to craft. In short, the little money we were able to make to keep a char selling fragmented parts / items, now is worth nothing, and anything you come to do will be very expensive.
  5. Something I never understood, I asked once on the forum, but I will reinforce the question here: Why is Giran's castle the only asset for Siege, why not activate others? Giran has tax on all kingdoms, why? who has a fee is Aden, releases Aden to Siege and leaves his fees over all kingdoms, Giran cannot have a fee over all kingdoms.I know it may seem like a strange questions, but I see so many bots on the server, doing the same thing for so many days that I wonder, has the use of bot on the server been released, is it official? I ask why I think it is impossible for this to happen that way
  6. I know it may seem like a strange questions, but I see so many bots on the server, doing the same thing for so many days that I wonder, has the use of bot on the server been released, is it official? I ask why I think it is impossible for this to happen that way freely, someone is benefiting from it.Who?
  7. any feedback on what we talked about? @Hime hi!! Are you going to list everything and check the possibilities of correction? Will you give us feedback on that?
  8. I realize today that who plays l2, has some points of view: * plays to be strong, to be top of the server. --- This is probably an adena buyer. ingame offers abound in trade sites. --- Or he has 9 more chares that are farming somewhere to support the principal. --- They rule the game map, monopolize everything --- you can't be strong if you don't buy adenas / items (and who wins with that?) * People who play l2 because they like the game --- Of course people who are former players, have been playing for over 10 years, some want to be strong on the top of the server,
  9. My opinion is that Bots farms are the cancer of the server, it even raises the question what is the best way to generate income, selling VIP or selling adenas? Honestly this server is emptying more and more. And I don't see things happening, the famous post "Fix Server" is still very valid today. What they did in abandoned camp was horrible: they flattened the area for bots, and facilitated the inclusion of bots. Please stop making changes to help the bots. Look at players and not at bots, value people. In a meeting with the players of my clan, to see what they are going to
  10. that; if you are not going to be just sumoner horse on the server: /
  11. The things that happen in the game seem to lead players to abandon L2. This is too trisate. We need to value players, to value active players. or you don’t have a 100% autohuinting or 100% bot server. I complained about that too. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19428-l2-fix-hope/ sad what has been happening, the more we need to hope that it will improve.
  12. "Server seems to be in the domain of boots,..." Bots correct. Sorry
  13. L2 Fix Hope @Juji @Hime, hi, Hi all. Initially I opened a ticket stating my opinion, they suggested bringing the topic to the forum and listening to more people, please give your opinions on what I will comment on: * Boots Server seems to be in the domain of boots, everywhere you go, there are boots scattered, and I'll be very clear I don't mean Auto-hunting, I understand that I use it myself. But my complaint about the boots starts in Ruin of agonis, I honestly thought the attitude of changing the quest from 300 mobs to 15 was horrible, without a doubt I understood that,
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