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  1. Sever Classic - Giran Simply the monsters are not reacting, I logged off and when relogaring it gave new launcher. Is this correct?
  2. Daily

    Since yesterday 12/06 of our clan, 3 players had problems with the daily ones, of not being able to enter the daily (Aden) or for example of the daily not counting points in the Haritis. Did someone else have this problem?
  3. Many Bots, low gameplay

    How about an ant-boot clan. Let's go, and let's go and kill the Bots. Daily missions to stay cleaning the areas !!! Arrive and confirm if someone is playing or if and bot, Bot sings
  4. auto-use supplies

    I have noticed, that is not all that works, example Scrool of melody, Scroll XP, Special Buff, these work, blood trap or cure, not speedy. When clicking on the icon with 4 squares, you can see which it enables, these just drag to the main tab of the Buffs that will work, when activated. Each Buff is reactivated when his time is up.
  5. Quest Get a pet no exist? how get wolf pet?

    With so many changes you already had in Classic, some things that were not common to your time, why have not pets entered yet? I'm referring to pets, wolf and Dragao. Although, I loved LIneage1's dogs, could we have something nostalgic similar to what existed in l1? Could anyone comment on (NcSoft)
  6. Many Bots, low gameplay

    I left my character hunter, through the macro, came 1 player and killed me. (Yes I am in favor of giving pk in macros) I believe that this is super valid, but my doubt and about the PK penalty. I even feel the urge to go and kill everyone who is in macro. Although I use macro sometimes, but I never leave the character alone and I go to work. There is a possibility to change this question of Karma / Pk point. Some duel-like function, something of the kind that can benefit anyone who gives PK in macro.(something that could identify player in front of the pc or just macro).
  7. New player

    Hi Her0 I recommend you play for fun. Choose the class that you played, enjoy and have fun, it is difficult to accumulate riches, but the fun is in the whole.
  8. Pets and Pet Managers

    There is no Wolf in Classic. Okay, I understand that. Most also had no noble, automatic class, and some other things, why not activate the Wolf, and restrict the quest to classes that have no Pet / summom. Even the normal L2 Pet Wolf was cool. (plus I would prefer the pack of Lineage1, it was too much fun) maybe that's why I miss Wolf so much.
  9. NCSOFT vs Adenas

    Fact. Rate Drop x Spoil, too bad.
  10. Quest Get a pet no exist? how get wolf pet?

    There were so many pets in the game, for so many classes, well they could put the wolf to the classes that do not have pets. There was the hunt for the pet in Lineage1, that was fantastic, I miss it until today.
  11. Cruma adena and drop rate

    This is happening in general, drop items, adenas, Spoils, in a few days everyone (over 40) will walk just because you will not have adena to pay, Teleport nor the SS that is used.
  12. 15th anniversary preview

    I'm a big fan of the game and I'd like to know if in any day you guys are going to re-make the beagle pets from Lineage 1.