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  1. This week was really good. The changes very well received, many new players have returned to l2. Some hunting grounds are still limited to a few players. Wherever you go to try Upar it seems that all the places are busy (75+), but this is good if you are players and not bots making this is good. In itself the last week was very good, the event is being the best of all (Dice), I see players very happy when they get lucky in this mini-game, We talk about the excitement of rolling the dice, we laugh. I have long missed this joy in my friends. Thank you! Regarding the changes under test, still provisional as a hunting zone, (XP / SP Drop) 75+, I thought it was fantastic, because it stimulated the people to want to level up, want more, different from the abandonment that they saw in charters when 78+
  2. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    I had imagined that. Thanks for letting me know. Would it be possible to implement some guards near Monster Track, to avoid char Caotick (PK) getting buff? I say this would be valid even within cities.
  3. Gameplay vs. Respect

    He said everything, that's the idea, to have fun. Thanks!
  4. Gameplay vs. Respect

    I am very grateful for the prompt response, and I really hope I don't need to open tickets about these prejudiced actions, I hope they stop. More if necessary I will open tickets, I do not agree with this prejudice, nor suffer prejudice or perform it with any player / nationality.
  5. Gameplay vs. Respect

    I've introduced myself before, on the forum, but I'll repeat it again, my name is Alexandre, I'm 45 years old, I've been playing Lineage for a long time. In the beginnings of Lineage, a lot was different, the game and the players, today seeing Lineage2 Classic, I see that we are easy to identify the veterans. Many clans, with their flags, very strong representing their countries, inspired me to make the 4Fun / IrmandadeBr Ally BrasilPower Flag very significant, and in turn it was very beautiful. I will not be frivolous and defend all Brazilian players here, nor can I, but I want to defend my Ally in the sense of saying that we play the PVE game, we play for fun, we have few rules in the clan, the biggest one is respect for members and members players. I find an immense lack of respect when I read in the chat, a player threatening to kill all Brazilians in the game, or offending us, without a doubt prejudiced, racist behavior, I believe that these must be the children who play L2, and not veterans. We must all respect all nationalities, without prejudice or persecution. About players with the Brazilian Flag, from Ally BrasilPower, if anyone has a problem with any player with that flag, please let me know, or my wife (Cali) or Dreyfuz that we will investigate and resolve the situation. I have suggested in the Clan that when people like that (prejudiced) talk in the chat, they should be blocked, so that this type of behavior does not disturb the fun that l2 provides.
  6. Server Fix !

    Gm's and NcSoft @Juji @Hime Ignoring this post, or ignoring players is not a recipe for success. Please consider all the attention given here, the suggestions, make changes, please save the game.
  7. Server Fix !

    Guys, how's it going (quarantine)? Stay at home! Today I have a question for the players, this post has already given 12 pages, we had some interactions from @Juji @Hime, more always with the speech they are waiting for. But my question is for the same players. Believing that "one day some correction will come, what we ask for" I ask, as in the players, can we in the game, help things improve for (human) players and not for Bots? Can't we do something ingame to improve the gameplay, what do you think?
  8. Full inventory

    Inventory message full even with the bag with 40% only, it is not possible to trade, or even get a reward.
  9. Server Fix !

    Do you believe there will be an answer, or are you feeling abandoned about all that has been questioned. A long time ago, many things were said and nothing was officially said about it, few changes were noticed in the game. Is there hope for this Post, for us?
  10. Server Fix !

    I blocked several, some bothered me just reading the name. Others for their small talk I was a hero for 1 week, I must have used the 4x chat
  11. Server Fix !

    Despite the lack of updated positioning, on the part of Staff, yes in the players we still await, schedule, answers, as this cannot be, unless it is the objective to harm players.
  12. Server Fix !

    Gentlemen, players and Staff. Post has 11 pages over 18 thousand views, people from the 2 servers waiting for answers. A lot of people are relying on this post to define if they continued or not playing, the importance of this post is greater than NcSoft imagines, and without a doubt the lack of positioning of you on everything that was said here, makes us very sad and this is the big time for responses, change schedules to be applied. Please @Juji @Hime do not leave us unanswered, if you need to argue the suggestions given, we can speak about each suggestion, so that they are well analyzed and applied. More leaving us with no answers, it is worse, we already live on some impositions and having everything that was said here ignored, will hurt the server a lot. I have noticed some changes, I am grateful for them, but having answers here transparent for everyone would be wonderful.
  13. There are several bots on the Server, I hope veils are punished, but to punish players, is to drive the server to its end.
  14. Almost 1 month has passed, and my account is still banned, without having done anything wrong. Please review your banning tool, turn the button to Bots and not Active Player. Waiting for proof of my ban, waiting to see bots truly banned and players free from chase. As I said, I give access to my computers, because I'm sure there's nothing wrong.
  15. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    What about the claims, nothing yet?, https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17129-server-fix/