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  1. level 111 With 850% xp Boost 1 day for 2% Max level 130 I need 13,797,521,091,028,600 xp to level up. per day I can get to do 140,698,839,646,368 xp It will take me 85.1 days to complete the level. I spent 7200 ncoin for destiny pack and much more for the other boosts: vitality maintenance and other boosters. and just only to go up to 112. motivation .. FULL If you don't complain, it is because you are used to being trampled on by others. a submissive fool! PS: IT IS NOT A CLAIM, it is a release for the service. improve your reading comprehension.
  2. I've been farming for 24 hours and I haven't gained more than 2%, I'm only level 110. The truth does not seem fair to me, I have a rune of exp 200% of 30 days and vp. I think it's honestly not fair.
  3. DEAR: exp and adena rates decreased even when he was not warned. I am in Tanor where I was earning between 25-30B of exp and now I am earning between 13-15b of exp. Adena from approx 25-50k, now -15k. The truth is that it surprises me that they are so irresponsible, they make me lose playing time. How is it possible? I wanted to pay for the halloween event, but maybe consider switching servers and not donating here. Every day one problem after another. Best regards. PIC467/5000
  4. Why do you insult others? Which problem you have? In addition, the maintenance is not being done because the computers are damaged, or it will be that you have a nasa compulator that does not detect server errors. noob!
  5. I suggest that, for the good of the community, you postpone the exp event for one more week. this week I have already lost exp due to server problems. it's not fair!
  6. The worst exp event in L2 history. You cannot play quietly, one takes forever to set up a pt and then the server will throw you away.
  7. Hi dear: i have a problem whit a kill counter: I killed 2071 mobs (event counter) but, the quest counter only counted 1558. In the first photo you can see that I have killed 5358 mobs (quest), the counter of mobs killed for the event says that I have 815 murders so far. In the second photo you can see that the kill (event) counter increases to 2886, while the quest counter increases to 6916. which means that the event's kill counter tells me that I have killed 2071 mobs, while the quest's counter says that I have killed 1558. A difference of 513 fewer murder
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