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  1. Dont know what to put on character

    Helo. got some questions for you players i maked a archer for myself and a iss spectral. want to know.. what do i need, got talisman longing got weapon +6 krishna got 300 attribute got p skill critical damage +6 % p skill critical damage +11% so. how do i make criticals?what do i need? dex minim 70 ?charm minim 60 ? what artefacts ?for begining ? can someone have 5 min time to explain pls ?
  2. from each demon sword, zariche akaman...you get 1-2 zariche blood and 5 bilion adena..or maybe you get lucky and get a zariche/akaman weapon...low chance.. so...if you check auction house you will see that all players sell theyir akaman/zariche fragment... first...there is no chance to get 48 zariche/akamanh blood ...not only 1...but 48 (in dreams) then 150.000.000 spirit stone and soul stone...never mind that.. second...once you get by mistake one of this weapon...run....but you will die in 2-5 min..they hunt you. so ..maybe in the future we will se a event with zariche/akaman blood soul so we have a chance to make weapons in 2025 we will see...i think
  3. Quests in Enchanted Valley

    Quests in enchanted valley are off from sometime ago.. why they dont open the quests again?how will we make some adena? only ppw...only visa..? admins? no kartia 95, no quests in enchanted valley, no quests anywhere.. what can we do...those who join this game now..or 6 months ago ?
  4. kartia Researcher for k95 party is no more ?