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  1. Harperz, I dun think you read it right. I also can't find this scroll >> Ancient Cloak - Legendary. How to get this?
  2. Seriously... now people selling this cloak @ 8 times or 10 times the price before this sale event? +10 Previously only 35-45 Bil. +15 Previously only 70-90 Bil. NOW is 450-500 Bil???!!! Wow, really make no sense... this is crazy. I think I am in the wrong game..... lol
  3. Man... same problem....... Took too long to load into game... The moment I load in.... it DC.. Almost 6 days... Can't even play at all. Sorry.... Can't even go inside game at all...
  4. C'mon provide some legit feedback. 107 Feoh with that gear can solo AOE in TANOR?? I have never seen anyone does that. I played 16 hrs a day... only class can do that is the Archer. I am 107 Feoh with +12 R110 weapon and +10 armor and decent Jewel. Boxing an ISS also not easy to solo AOE. And YES.. only an Archer with cocktail buff can solo easily there. Such a case can be seen not just in TANOR hunting spot. Please dun come in and spout nonsense. All server played Archer bcos of AOE. Can hit 300 mob in 1km range? LOL. Why i can tell u all thi
  5. Mage damage output is way lower than archer for sure with the same set of gears. Mage get the same distance nerf like Archer. Didn't you know that?
  6. This 2 item's stats is totally different isn't it?
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