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  1. im Arcana Lord class, but i did realiazed that my queen's cat buff are only self buff, i understand this as also BD and SWS buff are only for that class, but then at some point the dances and song will get for party members as well so i just asking if at some lvl or with a spell book improment the cat buffs will be party as well?
  2. i Want the buffalo, because it is a great CC pet and i need CC as robe class for PvE and PvP. but atm i have KookaBurra, but is real good for PvE helps me a lots to clear mobs in the different zones.
  3. @SunShine do on weekends do you not have some kind of support like this?
  4. i complete agree that you need to limit the char per pc, like you do in live servers....
  5. ok im playing Naia and Blackbird, this is happening me many times during the day: i use 3 accounts in Naia and 2 account in Blackbird, im getting constants DCs when i try to log back in Naia having 2 accounts connected in Naia and 2 accounts connected to blackbird im getting the prompt windows saying i have reached the max accounts when im only have 2 logged in Naia, at some point im thinking that the files are getting mixed, i need to log out from blackbird and then log back with my 3rd account in Naia. then log back in blackbird. correct me if im worng but this should not be h
  6. i use to buy good amount of ncoin and also paying prestige pack, i woul like to be able to get a discount from time to time in my country, im from Costa Rica, it doesnt need to be in my currency but just like a cupon or something else, i think is fair to get to all those other customers you have.
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