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  1. -Best PvE SOLO KLAN -For place in clan you must payd 65k/7days -Clan have auto open inviting , unactive and unpayding players will be kicked Klan name: 1Personally1 Klan level: 3 Skills: +10% EXP, +3% MP regen, +6%M def, +1 EVASION, +100HP CH: Moonstone hall, Gludin GK > SOE to CH - save your adena to travel during world
  2. Korki


    Fioti spawned? I waited 2hours then go sleep...
  3. These pendants are untradeable and I thought it would only make sense to be able to share it within the account. However, as I have tried to transfer them through the Dimensional Merchant have I found out they are not. Are they going to be updated sometime for us to be able to transfer them through the Dimensional Merchant for an alt character to use? It does seem counter-intuitive to have a more expensive pendant only be bound on a single character; and needing a lower one instead if needed to be used on multiple characters of the same account. Can you give me any informat
  4. Better idea was maximum Bgrade on classic... what the hell A , and S absolutly suxxx
  5. Is possible safe enchant with Shiny Pendant Varnish from +8 on +9 ? Or just only to +8 max ? thx for answer
  6. New UPDATE - S grade on CLASSIC WTFFFF?!!!
  7. NCsoft answer please !
  8. Hey, I play 2 BOX ( 0 VIP ) and main char 1 BOX VIP 4. Sometimes (often !!! ) happen me, one or 2 windows get disconnect and another not. This happen too also in que... Can someone help me?
  9. Hi guys after updated I see in L2Store this 3 packs: Starter, Tracker, Hunter pack... what is in that boxes?
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