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  1. When u have karma, you will still drop items if you have +3 PK count I believe.
  2. So I can see that people voting here want see in CLASSIC things that are already in LIVE servers Your poll just got trolled.
  3. I'm from the EU too, and please, speak for yourself, for me it's 100% acceptable, I prefer to have launch on evening than in morning. Just chill and wait for info, stop spamming 1000 new threads.
  4. But.. this "classic" is a bit designed for people who like to box. More boxes=more exp boosts sold etc.
  5. Okay, it's broken, but what will happen when they fix it? Is SR worth playing?
  6. Server rates? No idea. The closest answer I can give is x1. About windows - three.
  7. They can't because then "hardcore classic gamers" wouldn't buy chronicle packs for their boxes = no profit
  8. It's CLASSIC version, so in my honest opinion, NO DUAL BOXING should be allowed, or ONLY ONE box per PC. But it's only my opinion.
  9. Też Giran. Europejski server raczej prędko nie powstanie z racji tego, że licencje na działalność w Europie posiada rosyjska Innova (4game), w związku z czym server dedykowany dla graczy z Europy (Giran GMT+1) jest zlokalizowany w USA. Klienta możesz już pobrać, a w dniu uruchomienia serverów będzie do pobrania dodatkowa aktualizacja (podobno około 2 GB), po której w kliencie pojawią się 2 servery Classic (Giran i Talking Island). Nie wiadomo póki co w jakich godzinach ruszą servery.
  10. Okay, so give autoloot for everything (not only adena), give NPC buffer, give shadow/newbie/adventurer weapons, and make rates 1000x. Why not?
  11. I have 0 lags playing from Poland, i tested it (not sure if i did it 100% right tho) and the result was around 10-12 ms (naia)
  12. Are there gonna be the same events on both servers? Are gm gonna play the same often on both of them,since they're American (I think) and there's a time difference that has a big impact on gameplay
  13. Probably Giran - from Poland, but we'll see after launch
  14. How can we know? You can guess, but.. you know. You'll see on 3rd October.
  15. Very bad decision, that's supposed to be CLASSIC, nothing should be "AUTO"...
  16. Please, don't buy ANY adena from any seller (especially russians), IN LONG TERM it won't help you much, and it will just destroy the server, and players will leave. If you want to have an old Lineage II experience, don't do it, make russians go and find a normal job instead of bot farming adena.
  17. Firstly it's not a 3rd world country, and secondly it's not even a country yet
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