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  1. Hmm somehow I'm not even mad, not even surprised
  2. Well skelth has 10€ subscription and there was still a lot of bots lol
  3. Right now the game is so broken that its much better to log 3 boxes and sit at event monster to get mats from reward boxes every 10/minutes than to drop/spoil them! Crazy,there are about 200-300 afk boxes sitting there
  4. You dont see bots? Maybe you dont want to or you dont know how bots behave. Its not hard to spot one
  5. Well since its still NCSOFT i recommend you all: do not expect any big changes But im looking forward to what will they do
  6. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/4513-if-this-is-true/
  7. Didnt you see?! One gm already told us: there is no error ??
  8. I am curious what they will come up with this time... introduce vio5,vip6 and vip7 with improved adena drops XD?
  9. Oh yes, i would even say that its way too easy.. <laugh through tears>
  10. they probably thought people wouldn't notice XD
  11. Meanwhile juji logged in for a 5 minut after 20h off, he read the topic and went offline again without any word ^^
  12. well dude i wasnt talking to you so activate your brain more often, i know its late but.. ^^
  13. Everybody saying "lol all you cry but server still full and queue in game" HAHA Go on twitch , check guy nickname CRXu - he has about 6 accounts logged on 2 computers he is not the only one
  14. but we dont have any stuff lol, what you want? novice weapon?
  15. get a brain, its full because ppl leave 3+ (some ppl have even more) boxes at event monsters to get reward boxes with stem and thread. others are afk shops and even more are afk fishing, if you count the REAL players there is maybe 1-1,5k
  16. Well its better for us that they announced this now after week, than if they would do this after year, we wont waste our time at least
  17. I cant agree with you Im waiting for their decision about drop rate (not only adena)
  18. They not gonna change drop rate, believe me
  19. Man that's not the issue, mobs at level 20 drop 20 adena lol. And im talking about normal mobs, not those with x2 hp, I cant even afford soul shots (not saying about health potions,soes or others)
  20. exp rates are exactly x0.75 of original classic rates, drop/spoil/adena is like x0.25 original
  21. Ofcourse, that is obvious. And this is something everybody here should read.
  22. because they care about $$ HELLO???, their advice? buy vip
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