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  1. clases recargadas!

    es concuerdo contigo, ultimamente estan teniendo bastantes falencias estas nuevas clases en comparacion a como era antes aunque espero que esto este aun en proceso de ser mejorado y no sea la estructura definitiva de todas las clases :l
  2. so its really necesary to show wich buff has the another character?, i mean the only purpose of that is that ruin strategies that the character could have to fight in pvp, so its pointless... i think that the only time that the buff has to show is when you are in party and nothing else
  3. Lineage II: Salvation - Etina's Fate Now Live!

    still didnt notice and fix the wrong shiny effect of +4 or more augmented weapons that have appareance scrolls on it of another weapon? :l ... for example those weapons that are not necesarily straight didnt adapt it to the shiny features ¬¬, hope to notice on that =/
  4. if you have hurry, you could search for some RBs they give pretty well exp if you manage to kill it
  5. how inform about scamers?

    sooo, how works this think of inform about a scamer action, never do it but i see sometimes people creating rooms informing about that but, it works?
  6. yeah probably i will have to do that =/ a shame but what we can do...
  7. so you have to say to me that i have to wait to lvl 100+ to see a difference between skill races, really?... and actually if you campare the old classes that existist (im meaning 2° and 3°) they had a lot of more difference than now... where, as you told, there are just MINOR differences between each races skills, when in a past there was a lot of difference and was much little entertaiment before creating the 4° class... and i didnt played all the classes yet im just especulating(but i would like you to answer me if im wrong at all) seeing the others character playing and looking lack of difference between races... so that its the main topic LACK OF DIFFERENCES OF SKILLS RACES, i dont care if is a minor difference, it has to be a lot difference like was before, because thats making the game losing the spark that has. =/
  8. What i was trying to say is that if you compare the skills of a same class like sigel for example, there is no much difference between a sigel phoenix knigh and hell knight (for example they both have the same auras, and probably almost the same attack skills), the same thing of an iss or maybe a tyrr. The thing is that at least on the 2 class and 3 class there was more difference between each class and races than you can probably identify, comparing the 4 class that is pretty boring ... so i hope that they change that on the future
  9. still waiting to the creator to extend the variety of classes... is getting boring to fight with a same sigel or iss or mage of another race that have almost the same skills that you am i right? -.-
  10. final UD? my a _ _! -.-

    yeah actually that new skill sucks too, but unless i prefer more the old one... besides there is no difference between protection of faith skill and the ud now, just the time and speed... is like we have 2 useless skills -.-
  11. final UD? my a _ _! -.-

    just going to say that bring back the old one... this one doesnt deserve to call like that, it defends a shit... this new modificacion of the skill is an insult to all sigels -.-!!
  12. solved

    solved :l
  13. sigel phoenix knight defensive skills

    its a kind of difficult to understand the skill now :s... so it doesnt cap the damage like it did it before?? because the final ud its says that reduce damage to aprox. 800 but i recieve more than that damage that the skill says... ty
  14. can someone explain how does it work this think of the final ultimate defense and protection of faith... because all the time that i use it on instance(like kartia, for the moment) or strong mobs doesnt appaer to work and i think that maybe is some kind of bug?... and i think that works on pvp but i hope that those skills not only use it just on that situations because i dont see the point to only use it on that... so thats my question :l